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Posted 14 June 2007 - 12:39 PM

As you've probably noticed staff has decided that the Neopets sections need an overhaul and I've been appointed to fix up the battledome section. I've started out by deleting all the old threads here. Shadow and Dark Sniper have my thanks but the threads they had posted were pretty much the name, picture and link to the short bio on the person which didn't really have a point since the information wasn't that helpful so they've been removed. Since there's so many battledome challengers out there I've decided to start out with doing the more important challengers first, starting out with the Defenders of Neopia and then going to Avatar Challengers and eventually all the other ones

Everyone's encouraged to help if they know what they're talking about. Writing my Pant Devil guide I realized that there's alot of work to be done. At the moment I'm working on organizing everything, I will soon make 1 thread linking to all the DoN guides to simplify things (even though there's only 1 out I'll update the thread as I go).

Also if there's some interest in this I'd be glad to start a battledome tournament (probably with a prize pool). Pets would be matched up together based on budget and strength
boost/hit points.

Currently working on a faerie ability guide

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