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Graphics Terminology

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Posted 10 April 2008 - 01:25 AM

Graphics Terminology:
C&C / CR / CR
Comments & Criticism / Comment & Rank / Comment & Rate

Got My Vote / Has My Vote

Light Source
Where/what the lighting is coming from. Generally a soft round brush which is 80-200px will be used.

Learning Rights (LR)
You're allowed to use the piece to learn from. You cannot do anything else with it, at all. That includes taking layers, claiming it as your own, reselling etc.

Posting Rights (PR)
You're given permission to post the tutorial/tag/pack etc anywhere you please, but must give credit to the creator.

Wearing Rights (WR)
You're allowed to wear the piece, but cannot claim you made it. Generally expected for you to give credit to the creator.

Full Rights (FR)
Coming Soon.

Novice / Moderate / Intermediate / Semi-Pro / Professional
These are different rankings which are common among Graphics communities, not so much in Gaming communities. They are used to rate someone's ability, generally awarded from a ranking/class crew's opinion on a select few pieces of work.

A PSD is a multi-layered file which you should ALWAYS save your work as if using Photoshop. It allows you to edit it at any time, changing layers and adding new ones. Selling PSD files is quite common on Graphics communities.

Cinema 4D (C4D)
A program used to cread 3-Dimensional renders/models. Mainly used to create effect or abstract renders; other types are machine, wire frame etc.

Effect Renders - 1 | 2 | 3
Abstract Renders - 1 | 2
Wireframe Renders - 1

This is what the brush palette in Photoshop looks like. There are lots of different default brushes, as well as MANY custom brushes that you can use. A great place to find custom brushes is deviantART.

Renders (Cutouts)
These are images which have been removed from their original background, usually using the Pen Tool or Extract filter. They will usually have a transparent background and be saved in the PNG format. Occasionally they will have a white/black background.

Images which still have their original background. There are lots of website where you can find stock images, such as http://www.sxc.hu. You can also find images to use as a stock on site such as http://www.gamewallpapers.com, or the deviantART resources. Make sure you read this topic!

Defaults (Defaults Only)
This term is used when people have used the brushes/filters which come by default, with that version of Photoshop (or other programs).

Tag / Tagnature
These are both different names for signatures.

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