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Is animal testing on products good or bad???

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 06:35 AM

Its all in the individuals point of view. From a philosophical view, humans have almost always been considered being on top of animals. This started from the first page of the bible where it explains how God created the earth and so on, it says that God created humans that resembled to Him. This ideology being the fundament of christianity has been dominant for centuries and has been going downwards ever since Galileo Galilei proved that the earth was going around the sun and not the other way around. This was the beginning of a decline of anthropocentrism.

So to sum it up, religion has had is still has (to a certain degree) a pretentious view of the humans being the kings of the earth... When really we are just a very lucky outcome of millions of years of evolution.

To be honest I am neutral on this subject, yes it has it positive effects and can ultimately save human lives, but I don't think that its any better to test on animals. We are the specie that is ruining this earth, at the cost of all living beings.

When Sweeney asked me to make sense, I really couldn't, I have a hard time articulating things (especially in English. Believe it or not I'm ESL lols.) and this pretty much sums it up +1 rep, haha.. I can't really choose a side. In an ideal world I wish we wouldn't have to test on animals, but unfortunately we do or else a lot of the medicine in the world would be unsafe.

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