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Smart but dumb people

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Posted 11 March 2009 - 07:58 PM

QUOTE (Kitsune @ Mar 11 2009, 10:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So, everyone has their moment where common sense completely fails and you do something retarded.

I was talking to a couple friends who are having their 21sts soon and as per usual we brought up all the funny stories of their past, much to the dismay of the person who did the stupid thing.

While there's a couple ok stories like when a female friend of mine rang up another mutual friend and proceeded to tell her about how she had sprained her scrotum (instead of spleen). She fiercely denies ever doing this to this day of course.
This same friend also managed to faceplant in the middle of a supermarket for no apparent reason.

I'm not without fault, I was seriously accident prone in my younger days. I biked into a parked car when I was 14 and fractured my cheekbone. When I was 10 I put a soccer ball on this concrete pad and proceeded to kick the concrete instead of the ball, breaking my toe, requiring surgery to fix it.

However, the best story is reserved for a girl who is a year younger than me - small school meant you knew the whole of the year above and below you very well.
This girl ended up getting head girl and topped every class she did.
But. When she was 17 she and her boyfriend were in Auckland for a party. She was in a... reasonably short dress. Her boyfriend was driving to the party when they had a huge fight ending in her asking to be let out of the car.
Her boyfriend tried to get her to get back in, but she refused and eventually he drove off.
She was quite upset and walked for about 5 minutes until she got onto K road. Now, not only is this really dangerous to be walking around at night, alone, but K Road is... the prostitution capital of the city.
Upon realising this, most girls with common sense would have rung someone to come get them.
Not this girl. Instead she gets into the car of some random guy who stopped for services.

LUCKILY the guy was in actual fact really nice and dropped her off at the party.

She's not even ashamed to tell the story either /facepalm

Share your stories of smart but dumb people tongue.gif

That girl deserved to get raped.

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