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[Guide] Using the Shop Wizard during a Faerie Quest

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#176 Alyson

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 05:16 AM

Is it still working?


Worked for me the last time I tried it, though that was some time ago

#177 santafish

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 11:00 AM

can't you just log onto another account and search it? then just go to that person's store and buy the item

#178 KaibaSama

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 11:05 AM

can't you just log onto another account and search it? then just go to that person's store and buy the item

You can, but some people may not have side accounts (not everyone wants to make one or needs one), or simply do not wish to take the time to logout of the account, into another one, search the wiz, find the item, copy the link, logout, then log back into the first account and buy the item (provided it's still there of course). I say copy the link, because the item has to be bought on your main account. Side accounts can be used to search the wiz, but you need to buy the item from your main (if I remember TNT's weird rules correctly). 

 This way, or simply leaving the wiz open in another tab (but then you only get one search), is a bit quicker. 

#179 xoxdaft

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Posted 28 May 2016 - 11:44 AM

Super useful! I used to have to get my friend to search for the item in shop wizard, then tell me the owner's name and then I would have to go to their shop and scroll through their items before I could find it. Super tedious ._.

#180 duhitsme

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Posted 04 June 2016 - 09:39 AM

I can confirm that this does still work!  This code is awesome.  Using chrome.  Thank you!

#181 mariaahry

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Posted 25 November 2016 - 01:31 AM


But i still thinks that logging on a side account is much more faster. Anyways..

#182 InsertUsername

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 02:05 AM

This doesn't work with the Soup Fairy Quest. I don't know about the other new fairy quest giver.


Edit: The second one works. Use it if you have a quest from the new fairy.

Edited by InsertUsername, 15 March 2017 - 02:10 AM.

#183 sherm

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Posted 18 March 2017 - 12:11 PM

This does not work on the grey faerie as well

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