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Possibly a new plot :O

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#101 Scot

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Posted 23 September 2010 - 01:50 AM

So on that note, what's the difference between that and regenerating their userbase when the word gets out that BD War Plots are happening at Neopets again. It will create an influx of members, many of whom will pay NeoCash for Battle Items in order to get them into the game faster... not to mention the extra cash they'd get with people playing games and viewing their ads.

The difference is the starting point for a new player is vastly different from an established BDer so you face an additional hurdle from people thinking it's just going to be the same players winning again compared to something like AC where everyone starts on Square one.

#102 Turtleboy

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Posted 23 September 2010 - 06:25 AM

:( I see what Scot is saying, but honestly - they probably wouldn't phase out the battledome.

Without the battledome - no use for training school/mystery islands/codestones/less use for dubloons/pointless faerie quest/nobody would really do the kitchen quest/half of the items in the hidden tower would be made worthless.

IMO, the battledome is what you're really gunning for.
Who the hell cares if you have a bajillion neopoints and nothing to spend it on?

In most cases, like Gourmet club/Book club, you can't get in the top position anymore due the retired book which are in limited amount being red.

#103 Puppetmaster

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Posted 23 September 2010 - 10:13 AM

#2 - The Battledome (in general)
The battledome is still allowed. This is the whole 'violent games are bad for our kids' thing all over again. Playing Grand Theft Auto is as likely to make me go and run people over in my car as playing Pokemon is going to make me get my pets to fight. Same goes for Neopets... You have a pet, you train it, you give it sharp pointy weapons and make it fight.... either against a single player or another persons pet. This = violence. This = bad choice in teaching children to get their pets to fight. If it's ok on Neopets, then surely it's OK to have my pet dog (read lupe) fight my neighbours pet squirrel (read Xweetok) or maybe their pet Guinea Pig (Yurble anyone). NEOPETS FAIL

I want to make a Michael Vick joke now. I really do.

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