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#2026058 Sleeping with a married person

Posted by Dazz on 12 July 2018 - 07:57 AM

I don't see a problem with it as long as both in the marriage are fine with it. It's not an uncommon thing in the kink community, especially with the whole hotwives, threesomes, cucks, swingers thing. It's more just seen as a fun activity. It all depends on the people, if you're the jealous type then don't bother, but some see and think sex is more a passionate embrace to share with your lover, others see it as just a fun side activity.


I've known both sides, I know couples with open relationships who are more than fine because the love stays between them, the sex is more just exploration fun. The relationships? still as strong as ever. I've also known others like one of my best friends recently slept with someone in a relationship, but she didn't find out until after. She was devastated and felt sick but mainly because she thought he was lovely and wanted to pursue more.


To call someone a piece of shit for getting involved with a married person isn't fair without the details. Just because their relationship isn't the same as your ideal one, the dynamics could be totally different, and if everyone involved is okay with it then why is that a problem to you? That being said if it's done behind the partner's back and without their knowledge then yes i'm completely against that. There are pornstars with marriages/relationships too but I guess they're all pieces of shit. Fucking sinners, may they burn in hell. God bless they need some Jesus in their lives. 

#2025779 Song Reviews

Posted by Dazz on 05 July 2018 - 03:26 AM

*Clap* song *clap* reviews. I couldn't come up with a fancy title, but this is basically something I've been working on for months even if it doesn't seem like it, trust me you can ask Cara or Kate. I have a very uhh unique way of explaining things and these are a few songs reviewed by yours truly. I'd describe them as rough drafts of thoughts, written down and printed for your entertainment. I'll warn you, I'm a sucker for the oldies.


Dexy's Midnight Runners = Come On Eileen



Womack & Womack - Teardrops



Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill



Lady Gaga - Paparazzi



Whitest Boy Alive - Burning



Ne-Yo - Miss Independent



The Cure - Just Like Heaven



Sticky Fingers - How To Fly



Serj Tankian - Lie Lie Lie



Alice Cooper - Poison



Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Otherside



Grease - You're The One That I Want



Good Charlotte - The River



Parov Stelar - All Night



Michael Gray - The Weekend



Deadmau5 - Strobe/Eric Prydz - Opus



Scorpions - Still Loving You



Fleetwood Mac - The Chain



Stevie Knicks - Edge Of Seventeen



Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine



Guns 'n' Roses - One In a Million



So that's that, my eyes are dry and my knuckles are buckled. You probably think I'm more insane than I was when I started and that's okay. I was planning on doing a hell of a lot more, variety of all genres etc but I've realised that that's a huge ask and would take me years. I did want to take suggestions from you all but I don't really know how well I'd be able to do that, I have to be in the right kind of mood for it and switched on. Hence why it took so long. 


I do want to encourage you to do your own, the more creative and entertaining the better. Hell I'll even draw an incredible masterpiece in MS Paint for the best one. I know you have favourite songs you could definitely write about and have some fun with.  ^_^


Much love and appreciation for reading, take care.

I'm outta here, peace out.


#2016838 Unpopular Opinions

Posted by Dazz on 07 November 2017 - 07:18 AM

I guess retroactively I could admit that at the time of release it was a great machine, but currently I don't see any use for it because you can play its games on other consoles.  There would have been a brief period of about 5 years that I could understand it being awesome but once the Wii came out with backwards compatibility of both games and controllers it doesn't make any sense to me.


For sure, backwards compatibility and having older games on newer consoles is awesome. I don't have to dig out my sega from the attic and spend an hour setting it up just to play Sonic. It makes me happy, it makes the companies happy because it's easy nostalgia money. It's win-win ^_^  


A lot of people cringe when they see boobs unless it's in a sexual way


According to Buzzfeed maybe, but I don't think this is true at all. Not with adults anyway.

#2016546 Unpopular Opinions

Posted by Dazz on 20 October 2017 - 08:20 AM

White chocolate sucks, I hate it


Dark chocolate is the best.


#2016127 Wrestling

Posted by Dazz on 01 October 2017 - 10:31 AM

I haven't watched wrestling in over 13 years or something like that, and while going down the rabbit hole on youtube, somehow ended up on old WWE matches. This peaked my curiousity, so I decided to watch Raw and Smackdown to see how much it's changed and I took down notes of my thoughts.





- The New Day are pretty awesome. They had me laughing when they sat in the crowd eating popcorn and booty-o's. Then when the Usos come over to talk smack, one of the guys pulled a microphone out of the popcorn bucket to talk back. Outta the popcorn bucket.


- Hearing the Stone Cold "What?" chant being still around. It's a pretty shitty chant to do when someone has a pause when talking so really it's a negative but the nostalgia that came from hearing it was pretty cool.


- Shinsuke Nakumura. Probably has the best entrance, I still have the music stuck in my head. Basically a Japanese wrestler, dresses like a rockstar, does weird dance shit, is generally pretty weird, I love it.


- Randy Orton literallly RKO'd outta nowhere. He's still a boring wrestler but it made me laugh.


- The divas have more diversity. This was pretty awesome to see, we all know Vince McMahon has an infatuation with model looking girls that he can somehow creepily work into a storyline with him that ends up with him making out with them, or some sexual shit. But there was a more plus sized wrestler, and an alternative looking girl, you know like slightly goth vibes like the suicide girls models. That was sweet to see.


- Throwback adverts. Sometimes they'll play a throwback video during the adverts, like the moment John Cena made his debut against Kurt Angle. It's a nice little touch.


- Undertaker. The living legend. The venue went dark, his music starts playing and I get goosebumps. A dark figure emerges, starts walking down to the ring and i'm getting a rush of emotion, seeing one of my favourite wrestlers for the first time in so many years. Then it turns out it's not Undertaker, it's Dolph Ziggler impersonating and dressing like him. I got trolled heavy. Dolph you son of a bitch. 


- Shane McMahon is still around. Last time I saw him he was young, wearing baggy clothes and throwing himself off of things. Now he's old as hell, bigger, and has a full head of grey hair. It's still awesome to see him still around, and he'll be having a hell in a cell match soon too.


- Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Two wrestlers I had no idea who they were, but they were being hyped up during the show to have the top match of the night, I didn't really give a shit they didn't look anything special, just average wrestlers. But then the match happened and it was the best match of the night by far. Most matches during the TV shows the wrestlers play very safe, nothing big, and you can really see how fake it is (obviously). But these two put on a hell of a match, Sami hurled himself over the ropes into Kevin, Kevin powerbombed Sami onto the edge of the ring, to the point where even I felt the impact and tensed up. Good shit.




- Adverts. So many fucking adverts. I'm pretty sure I watched more adverts than the actual program. I know they have to set the matches up and get ready, that i'm completely fine with. But they showed adverts during a match, the match shrunk, adverts took up 2/3 of the screen, and the rest of the screen was split in half of the match in a tiny box, and the Smackdown logo. How the fuck are you going to play ads during the match, TWICE. What the fuck America. 


- Fast food adverts. Every 3rd advert was a fast food advert, the rest was insurance. I saw adverts for KFC, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Arby's, Taco Bell, about 3 different pizza chains. Jesus fucking christ. I hate to think how many fast food adverts I watched that night.


- The whole show was just a promo for the upcoming Hell In A Cell event. After every match the winner would grab a microphone and declare who they're going to fight at Hell In A Cell, or someone would come out and challenge the winner. It became very predictable, and pretty boring.


- Bad humour. When wrestlers have gone off-script and done their own promos, it's usually given some of the best laughs or best promos out there. Unfortunately there's not many that are allowed to go off-script, and thus we get given some awful shit to watch. Jinder Mahal is the champion of... something, I don't know there's the US championship, the WWE Universe championship, just so many belts that it kinda demeans the worth of a belt. It's the Oprah Show now bitch, you get a belt, you get a belt, and you get a belt! Ahem, anyways Jinder and his two goons were in the ring, Jinder would say "Here's Nakamura's face after I win", there'll be a pretty normal picture of Nakamura, the three in the ring would laugh heavily at it, and repeat this several times. It was painfully unfunny.


I'm not even going to mention Roman Reigns. Anyways does anyone still watch wrastling? After so long the format is still exactly the same as it was 15 years ago.


Although there was something fresh and exciting in the wrestling world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Sharknado of wrestling, made by the widely beloved Hardy Boyz.






#2016005 Activity

Posted by Dazz on 24 September 2017 - 06:51 AM

 I also only responded, because I feel the use of the word Sweeney used is not needed and if it was anyone else they would have gotten warned for using it as it is considered an "insult" to call someone that, which is why I replied that that word isn't used anymore in the professional setting.


I highly doubt that, when was the last time someone was warned for saying retarded? Playing the favouritism card is probably not the best way to make your case on the word needing punishment, it's a little childish for the professional setting we're in after all ^_^  

#2015591 Capsule Gene Released!

Posted by Dazz on 01 September 2017 - 08:34 AM

@Strategist You can check out all the different breeds/combinations in the scrying workshop, they added the capsule gene there.


These are some of my favourites, the rest are kinda meh. It just looks like they forgot to colour the top of the neck, but these look pretty sweet.


Coatl Hatchling



Coatl Female 



Bogsneak Hatchling



Bogsneak Male/Female



Spiral Hatchling



Spiral Female - This one looks really cool



And my personal favourite...


Snapper Female



I actually think it looks best on female snappers  ^_^




#2015396 Who's your celebrity crush?

Posted by Dazz on 27 August 2017 - 10:52 AM

Cassie. She's the perfect mix of pure, and fucked up.



Man crush would probably be Johnny Depp.

#2014327 Which mythical creature would you be?

Posted by Dazz on 15 August 2017 - 05:58 AM

Greek mythology is very cool, I remember loving it when I was in school. 





#2014228 Which mythical creature would you be?

Posted by Dazz on 13 August 2017 - 03:58 AM








Ye. For real tho I used to be very interested in Cerberus when learning about Greek mythology. There's something alluring about a giant three headed monster dog, guarding the gates of the underworld  ^_^

#2014095 Jogger pushes woman into path of bus

Posted by Dazz on 10 August 2017 - 06:33 AM

Bus driver is the mvp, quick reaction time to swerve and didn't panic slam into the car next to it either. Good shit.

#2013763 what's a weird smell that you like?

Posted by Dazz on 06 August 2017 - 07:49 AM

I used to love the smell of house parties. Apart from that one guy that would sweat so much and stink of BO, then follow you around everywhere. It's like you have a clash of all the different perfumes, mixed in with all the cheap colognes, a slight aroma from the kitchen of cigarette smoke mixed with a bit of weed, the smell of disappointment coming from the overly drunk guy who despite trying his hardest all night still can't get her interest, the smell of regret when she finally gives in, and the strong smell of kebab meat after some took the trip to get drunk munch. But most of all I like the scent of all the spilt vodka, tequila, and whiskey mixed into the carpet on the floor. If I had to describe the scent, i'd say it smells like teen's spirits.



#2013102 What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

Posted by Dazz on 29 July 2017 - 06:28 AM

@Nymh I feel like you'd enjoy Plini if you don't already. It's instrumental rock, melodical guitar type shit.



Plini/Sithu Aye - 'I' (If you want something more heavy)



All 3 are great albums that are on youtube  ^_^

#2012556 what's a weird smell that you like?

Posted by Dazz on 24 July 2017 - 12:42 PM

I don't know. I've been thinking since I posted that about what it smells like lol. I can't even find the words to describe it. Mineral-y? That doesn't seem right though because I smell it regardless of the shower.


Don't worry, one day this will be a thing and we'll know what it smells like:



#2012224 Opposites Attract

Posted by Dazz on 23 July 2017 - 08:26 PM

[pretend there's a gif of magnets or something here. We're low budget tonight]


Or don't they? This is something I've been meaning to post for a while simply because i'm interested, I was gonna put it in the debate section but I figured it's more of a discussion than anything.


So my question isn't do opposites attract? But more a question of how far does it go? Terrible wording I know but i'm struggling to put thoughts into words, forgive me :p I'll try explain below.


So the age old saying is opposites attract, then people started putting that towards people and relationships. When it comes to a loved one, what's your opinion of how well you can get along with someone who is vastly different to you? It could be that they're a health nut and you're a couch potato, they could be a redneck while you're more of a chav, they're a child of god but you enjoy indulging in some satanic rituals. What's the limit where the line is drawn for you to love being with them, and for how long before it becomes too much of a problem?


Also the same goes for being friends with someone, i'd assume that there would be a lot more tolerance for their interests, habits, etc.


If you took this absolutely perfect graph below as reference, with the X axis being relationship length, and the Y axis being difference between you two. At the furthest point of the relationship length, how far up on the difference scale could you go? Or something like that, I had an idea, I was going with it and now i've just blanked.




Discuss and stuff