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Fame and Contributions Compared to Actions

19 March 2018 - 10:12 AM

Where is the line for you to look past what someone has done? The biggest example for this would probably be Michael Jackson with the whole kid thing, usually people become so outraged that it essentially ends the person's career but that never happened. He's still regarded as the king of pop, and because of how good his music is, how much he contributed, I pretty much shrug all the bad press off. 


In rap people praise full blown drug addicts and murderers more so than those who do good. 


If you're a huge fan of Beyonce, what would it take for you to stop listening to her music and praising her like she's a queen? Or maybe you find out that Elon Musk has been running a dog fighting pit for the past 10 years, would you still continue to appreciate his work? Take your favourite person or someone you really admire, how much can they get away with before you finally lose all respect for them? 


01 October 2017 - 10:31 AM

I haven't watched wrestling in over 13 years or something like that, and while going down the rabbit hole on youtube, somehow ended up on old WWE matches. This peaked my curiousity, so I decided to watch Raw and Smackdown to see how much it's changed and I took down notes of my thoughts.





- The New Day are pretty awesome. They had me laughing when they sat in the crowd eating popcorn and booty-o's. Then when the Usos come over to talk smack, one of the guys pulled a microphone out of the popcorn bucket to talk back. Outta the popcorn bucket.


- Hearing the Stone Cold "What?" chant being still around. It's a pretty shitty chant to do when someone has a pause when talking so really it's a negative but the nostalgia that came from hearing it was pretty cool.


- Shinsuke Nakumura. Probably has the best entrance, I still have the music stuck in my head. Basically a Japanese wrestler, dresses like a rockstar, does weird dance shit, is generally pretty weird, I love it.


- Randy Orton literallly RKO'd outta nowhere. He's still a boring wrestler but it made me laugh.


- The divas have more diversity. This was pretty awesome to see, we all know Vince McMahon has an infatuation with model looking girls that he can somehow creepily work into a storyline with him that ends up with him making out with them, or some sexual shit. But there was a more plus sized wrestler, and an alternative looking girl, you know like slightly goth vibes like the suicide girls models. That was sweet to see.


- Throwback adverts. Sometimes they'll play a throwback video during the adverts, like the moment John Cena made his debut against Kurt Angle. It's a nice little touch.


- Undertaker. The living legend. The venue went dark, his music starts playing and I get goosebumps. A dark figure emerges, starts walking down to the ring and i'm getting a rush of emotion, seeing one of my favourite wrestlers for the first time in so many years. Then it turns out it's not Undertaker, it's Dolph Ziggler impersonating and dressing like him. I got trolled heavy. Dolph you son of a bitch. 


- Shane McMahon is still around. Last time I saw him he was young, wearing baggy clothes and throwing himself off of things. Now he's old as hell, bigger, and has a full head of grey hair. It's still awesome to see him still around, and he'll be having a hell in a cell match soon too.


- Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Two wrestlers I had no idea who they were, but they were being hyped up during the show to have the top match of the night, I didn't really give a shit they didn't look anything special, just average wrestlers. But then the match happened and it was the best match of the night by far. Most matches during the TV shows the wrestlers play very safe, nothing big, and you can really see how fake it is (obviously). But these two put on a hell of a match, Sami hurled himself over the ropes into Kevin, Kevin powerbombed Sami onto the edge of the ring, to the point where even I felt the impact and tensed up. Good shit.




- Adverts. So many fucking adverts. I'm pretty sure I watched more adverts than the actual program. I know they have to set the matches up and get ready, that i'm completely fine with. But they showed adverts during a match, the match shrunk, adverts took up 2/3 of the screen, and the rest of the screen was split in half of the match in a tiny box, and the Smackdown logo. How the fuck are you going to play ads during the match, TWICE. What the fuck America. 


- Fast food adverts. Every 3rd advert was a fast food advert, the rest was insurance. I saw adverts for KFC, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Arby's, Taco Bell, about 3 different pizza chains. Jesus fucking christ. I hate to think how many fast food adverts I watched that night.


- The whole show was just a promo for the upcoming Hell In A Cell event. After every match the winner would grab a microphone and declare who they're going to fight at Hell In A Cell, or someone would come out and challenge the winner. It became very predictable, and pretty boring.


- Bad humour. When wrestlers have gone off-script and done their own promos, it's usually given some of the best laughs or best promos out there. Unfortunately there's not many that are allowed to go off-script, and thus we get given some awful shit to watch. Jinder Mahal is the champion of... something, I don't know there's the US championship, the WWE Universe championship, just so many belts that it kinda demeans the worth of a belt. It's the Oprah Show now bitch, you get a belt, you get a belt, and you get a belt! Ahem, anyways Jinder and his two goons were in the ring, Jinder would say "Here's Nakamura's face after I win", there'll be a pretty normal picture of Nakamura, the three in the ring would laugh heavily at it, and repeat this several times. It was painfully unfunny.


I'm not even going to mention Roman Reigns. Anyways does anyone still watch wrastling? After so long the format is still exactly the same as it was 15 years ago.


Although there was something fresh and exciting in the wrestling world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Sharknado of wrestling, made by the widely beloved Hardy Boyz.






What's New?

24 August 2017 - 07:03 AM

So I logged into my account after not playing for two years, and i'm struggling to catch up on what i've missed :p I see there's a new breed that looks like a genetic experiment gone very wrong. What's the most valuable patterns now or whatever they're called? 


If anyone can briefly catch me up on the last two years it would be greatly appreciated :p

Opposites Attract

23 July 2017 - 08:26 PM

[pretend there's a gif of magnets or something here. We're low budget tonight]


Or don't they? This is something I've been meaning to post for a while simply because i'm interested, I was gonna put it in the debate section but I figured it's more of a discussion than anything.


So my question isn't do opposites attract? But more a question of how far does it go? Terrible wording I know but i'm struggling to put thoughts into words, forgive me :p I'll try explain below.


So the age old saying is opposites attract, then people started putting that towards people and relationships. When it comes to a loved one, what's your opinion of how well you can get along with someone who is vastly different to you? It could be that they're a health nut and you're a couch potato, they could be a redneck while you're more of a chav, they're a child of god but you enjoy indulging in some satanic rituals. What's the limit where the line is drawn for you to love being with them, and for how long before it becomes too much of a problem?


Also the same goes for being friends with someone, i'd assume that there would be a lot more tolerance for their interests, habits, etc.


If you took this absolutely perfect graph below as reference, with the X axis being relationship length, and the Y axis being difference between you two. At the furthest point of the relationship length, how far up on the difference scale could you go? Or something like that, I had an idea, I was going with it and now i've just blanked.




Discuss and stuff



Little Spider Bro

08 June 2017 - 06:48 AM

This is a tale of happiness and heartbreak, based on a true story.


So we find ourself on a stormy night, as cliche as it is. Living on the coast the wind is a lot more severe than i'm used to, the rain is pouring down heavily and the wind is battering against the windows every couple of seconds. But, i'm quite contempt. I'm relaxing on my freshly made bed, you know with the freshly washed sheets smell that can put me to sleep with ease. I've got my music playing, i'm playing some game on the TV, thoroughly distracted from the storm whirling up outside. When suddenly I notice something out of the corner of my eye.


What I noticed was a little black speck come into my room from the open door, crawl along the edge of the ceiling, all the way to the furthest corner right next to the window and hunkering down, or up technically. Now i'm not the biggest fan of spiders, in fact I absolutely hate them. Every single spider that comes into my room gets either picked up with a spider grabber and thrown back outside where they came from, or the unfortunately difficult ones get the vacuum treatment. But, there was something different about this one. Firstly it was small, which I don't mind much. Secondly it put itself in the furthest corner away from me, as if it wanted to keep to itself and not bother me, which again, I don't mind. The third reason is this little spider caught my curiosity so much that I picked myself up from my fresh bed to go and get a closer look. Upon inspection of the little spider I noticed he was wet, he had that sparkle on him from where light shines upon water a certain way, and it was beautiful. He had clearly made his way, battling against the wind and rain, to find shelter until it had passed, and for the first time ever, I let this little spider take shelter in the corner of my room. At one point I did something ridiculous, because that's the type of person that I am. I held out my fist next to the little spider. And you know what he did? He reached out his little feeler and tapped my fist. Thus, lil spider bro was born.


Lil Spider Bro



Over the next few days lil spider bro had spun his web, very majestically of course, it was magnificent. He would walk about next to the window, gazing outside into the cold, stretching his legs and exploring a little bit before returning back to his web. He never travelled that far away from his web which felt like a mutual agreement we both had, as much as I liked the little guy I don't want him near my bed while i'm trying to sleep. I witnessed him get his first catch. An equally small fly that somehow found it's way into his majestic web, struggling against the stick before lil spider bro strutted towards it in a kind of "yeah bro you done fucked up, you ain't going nowhere fast" way. He wrapped the small fly up into his web, with no escape, and walked away, saving the fly as his meal for later. I could feel one tear run down from my eye, y'know the Samuel L Jackson. I felt like a proud mother watching her child grow up with glee, and not the show, thankfully. 


So over the next couple weeks it was very much rinse and repeat. He would adventure over to the window, to have a good look outside from where he came from, before travelling back to his web. He would catch little flies to fill up his stomach, except for one time when I noticed he had gone without a catch for a while, so I picked up an ant from outside and placed it gently onto his web much like I used to do as a kid. We were great, both happy, both contempt. Until...





This big mother fucker creeps in from my door. He wasn't very pleasant at all, in fact he was an asshole. Very angry, very fast, and kept running around disrespecting my boundaries. And so became big spider not bro. I tried to evacuate this guy from the premises but every time I went for him with the spider grabber he would slip away, run very fast, and hide. There was no getting to him until he came out of the hell hole he resided in. Big spider not bro would show up around night time when I would want to sleep, then when I go out to get the spider grabber and come back into the room to pick his fat ass up, he was gone. We had a modern day asshole Houdini on our hands. 


Lil spider bro up on his web was visibly shaken by this asshole. Every time I would check up on lil spider bro he would have moved places in his web, a lot more than he normally would. He was acting very abnormal and it was worrying me. I was sorry towards lil spider bro, for not being able to protect him from the bully and get rid of that asshole, walking around doing whatever he wants like he owns the place. Bitch this is my room, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. 


But big spider not bro had evaded my wrath for another night. When I woke up something felt odd, something didn't feel right at all. I shrugged it off, got dressed, had a cup of tea and a cigarette. When I returned to my room in the corner of my eye I noticed something. An empty web. Lil spider bro was no where to be seen. My heart felt heavy. I checked all around my room in case he had adventured out further, but he wasn't there, I even checked the window he loved looking out into, nothing. The only conclusion that I could come to was that he moved out, back to the outside world that he would gaze out into, pushed out by big spider not bro. He didn't write a leaving note for me, he didn't say goodbye, but that was probably for the best, it would have been far too emotional for us to cope with, he saved us the tears. Wherever he went, I promised never to forget lil spider bro, and wished him nothing but the best for his future. That smooth mother fucker will be killing it with the spider girls, I know it.


I returned back outside to the garden to have a farewell fag. A cigarette btw. It was a small moment of serenity, accepting that lil spider bro had moved on, and I was okay with it. As i dragged my feet back up the stairs and entered my room, there he was. Lil spider bro? No. Big spider not bro. Standing on the wall directly in front of me as though he was taunting me, obviously I couldn't see his face but I imagine he had a big shit eating grin going on. Oh hell naw this time was it, no more big spider not bro, and i'm not playing nice anymore. I wasn't going to get the spider grabber only to find him gone, i've got him right in my sights and he ain't going nowhere this time. I raised my foot up, bended my knee bringing it toward my chest, and aimed my boot at this mother fucker on the wall. These weren't little soft boots either, these were some big ass leather boots. As I aimed them towards big spider not bro, I remember the thought that went through my head, that this was for being an asshole and bullying my lil spider bro out of the room. I pushed my leg with a mighty force, my boot travelling towards the wall where he resided with such speed. BOOM. A loud thundeous thud echoed throughout the whole house as my leather boot impacted the wall. With no spider to be seen. I pulled my boot away from the wall to see the squished remains of that asshole, stuck to the wall. Sweet sweet justice. Obviously I grabbed some kitchen roll and cleaned him off the wall before throwing him in the trash, WHERE HE BELONGS. That was for you lil spider bro. I kissed my fingers and threw a peace sign up in the air.


Thus concludes the tale of lil spider bro. But the memory of him shall live on forever.