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#1499072 Abrosia Explained

Posted by Robert on 12 August 2011 - 07:51 AM

Abrosia Tutorial

Welcome, this guide will explain everything in the program and will act as a tutorial on to how to use it. My settings etc. in this tutorial probably won't be the ideal or best but there are other tutorials out there to tell you that. I'm not sure on what members can change or access either so if you guys can let me know I will change it.

What is Abrosia?
Abrosia is an 'autobuyer'. An autobuyer will buy items that you choose from the main shops in Neopets. You just choose the settings and it will do it all for you but beware it may get your account frozen no matter what settings you use so use it carefully.

How do I get it?
Simple. If your using Windows or Mac OSX Snow Leopard visit this link. Download and install it. You can also find it under Neopets > Download Program Manager on the top bar links.

How Do I use it?
Once installed you can find it by clicking start, all programs, Neocodex. Then click the Neocodex Program Manager.
Posted Image
This screen will come up, all the programs are on the left which you can install at any time. Click Abrosia, then click Install. It will then install onto your computer via the Neocodex Program Manager. Once it is downloaded the red cross next to it will be a green tick. Click run to open it.
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How do I start it?
If you haven't done it already you will need to give it your Neopets login information. Click Settings at the top then click Login Settings.
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Enter your login information. I recommend you check the 2 check boxes on that screen. It means you won't have to login again and next time you can skip all this logging in stuff. If it already says your logged in as a user just click the x otherwise click login and wait for it to log you in then click the x.

Program Settings Explained
When you change these settings the program will remember them for next time. In Abrosia click settings then click Program Settings.
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1. I believe members cannot change this. For you that can, this is the wait before each refresh at your chosen shop(s). It is up to you if you want it fast or slow. Faster it is the more items and better chance of getting good items but greater freeze rate.

2. This is the refresh rate for the haggle page etc. I recommend you leave all these alone. They are all good the way they are but once again it's up to you if you want to change them you can.

3. Once your restock banned it will check your main shops every x minutes if your still restock banned. The minutes is entirely up to you.

4. This is the price it haggles off the haggle page. Fixed % will be fine but if you want the program to be more human like choose smart.

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Now you have 2 options, either use the Neoocodex item lists or use your own.

1. Neocodex's lists are good and updated by yourself each time you run programs. Check visit shop ID's then enter the shop's you want to restock at for example 14, 12, 11 or just enter 14 for 1 shop. Click the question mark next to the box for a list of all the shops and their ID numbers. Enter how much profit you want from an item to buy it. It's entirly up to you.

2. Upload your own lists. It must be in a txt document! It should be like this:
toffee apple
about * pears
* codestone

The * means any number or name. Add the star in the item name if you want any item with any number/name in that place.

Posted Image

The igloo autobuyer grabs items from the igloo garage sale. Same as the tab before. Check enable Igloo AB and then check enable when RS banned. This simply means when your Restock banned it will go here instead. You can only buy a max of 10 items from here though. The program knows this.

Posted Image

Item management does exactly that!

1. Make the computer do a sound if it buys something to let you know. Up to you....

2. Logs everything you buy and sell through the Neotracker

3. When you buy an item what do you want done with it? Put in SDB, shop or nothing?

4. This is your price settings for your user shop. Configure these settings to how you want it all priced.

Posted Image

The scheduler makes it human! here you tell it when to run, take breaks, stop etc. This is highly recommend to fool Neopets. after all no one can restock legit 24 hours non stop right?

Thats all I have time for now will add more when I get time Posted Image I will add common error's etc next time.

#1484198 Advanced Membership Requirements Changed

Posted by Robert on 12 July 2011 - 12:40 PM

Frizzle for mod!


#666636 Hey where do i get smartsound Quicktracks Plugin.Msi

Posted by Robert on 24 June 2006 - 02:15 PM

here you go I moved it for you :)