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#1195153 Uhhh hi

Posted by Sunset on 02 June 2009 - 10:28 AM

Hmmm yeaa and how come i can't send PM!?

Because codex is going under changes right now so some things at certain times dose not work. If you think it may be a bug then Click on Bug Tracker in the menu and report it on the form it provides.

#784281 [Guide]35k a day/ 1 million NPs a month (100% Legit)[unecessary]

Posted by Sunset on 28 November 2006 - 10:50 AM

Hey everyone this is a VERY old guide I made never thought I would see this when I got back but reading it over it really needs to be updated ASAP:) Though all the updates maynot be at once I will be adding more to this guide as I can find the time and resources.

Make the bank your friend! Every cent in Nps you make place them in the bank to prevent some bad random events like the greedy kad and the tax beast from stealing ... oh and don't forget about those ghosts! BUT WAIT Before you do anything at the bank first thing collect your interest! If not you may forget and it will be too late you may already have deposited or with drawn something in which then you will not be able to collect interest until the next day (12:00am NST)

Dailies & Freebies
pheophilusllicorne's dailies (left side of page) a great list of dailies which you should do each day as well as pheophilusllicorne's freebies (left side of page) freebie list

Dailies are very important be done yes most times they can give nothing but a bunch of useless junk but do it everyday those junk items will soon add up as well as more of a chance to win something of decent price from dailies.


You may need a day of testing for everything if you don't already know what games you are good at.

If you already know what games you are good at or have had a day of testing be sure to write them all down the ones you are best at (those being the onse that give you 1,000nps per score sent) to the ones that you are the worst at.

Find 5 games that you can send a score that equals 1,000nps per send and play 3x per game giving you a total of 3,000nps. OR 10 games you can send a score that equals at least 500nps per send and play a total of 3x per game giving you a total of 1,500nps (15,000nps total)

If you need help with games you can find great guide games at my_First_little_Pony's pet page.
Note that nps ratio changes sometimes making a game more hardor easy to earn 1000nps. To get a quick look at the all the game ratios take a look once again at pet pheophilusllicorne's page.

Adver-Video - Watch all 5 vidoeos spinning ther wheel after each video, at least 100nps per spin (500nps-4,000nps)
Fashion Fever - Send score 3x 900nps per sent score (900nps)
Wheel Of Slime - You can spin once every 8 hours (100nps-2,000nps)

You should try out the quick games and other fun games here at Neo_bori quick easy neopoints with the quickest games you can get nopoints from.

Key Quest
This I have found to earn the most neopoints in a day by far even if you suck at the game or have a slow computer. Enter a 2 player game with 5 keys and you will at worst be given a silver key at the end of the game if you loose as well as the neopoints you earned during the game (5000 max) take the items given and sell them. Best silver key prizes I have found to be codestones and neggs. If you are lucky, good at key quest, fast computer and receive gold keys though they can give junk as the rest of the keys they can get you paint brushes and map pieces as well as codestones and neggs.

If you have the time you can redeem up to 10 keys a day (ten games a day or left over keys from other days)

Now if we are doing this legit that pretty much most sponser clicks are pretty much out of the question, but don't worry there are more types of clicks and other things that will give you neopoints.

pheophilusllicorne's card send list (left side of page) Click and e-mail your self these cards or choose a friend email you really want to annoy and fill it out with theirs XD (2,200nps total) Note some people have found after the fist day that they send the cards the following day for the 1st card of each set they are not reward with the 100nps so instead of 300nps for cards it will only be 200nps

pheophilusllicorne's hidden NP & Videos (Left side of page) Find the the hidden NP simple as that! (7,500nps total)

The following Clicks are one time only
and can also be found on my_first_little_pony's pet page (link above) you may want to vist there as well to find some other great links! (where these are one time only clicks they can't be done everyday and dosn't count as a part of the 35k a day but it helps smile.gif :

Word Scramble
(issue 26)Type frank sloth (1,000nps) not active yet
(issue 25)Type money tree (1,000nps)
(issue 24)Type snowmuncher (1,000 nps)
(issue 23)Type yooyuball (1,000nps nps)
(issue 22)Type pandaphant (1,000 nps)
(issue 21)Type woowoogrub (1,000 nps)

Portal 250nps

Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal 300nps by clicking the arrows reading the full story (well you don't really need to read just click till it rewards your nps)

This is just a simple guide for people who want that 1 mill per month if you want more you may want to check out Tastyphoxette's Guide to Ultimate Neo-Riches (Legit?)~, 140k+ per day. : )

Updated May 23rd 2009 - Key Quest information added