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In Topic: D-Day (Dupe Day) 2014

14 June 2018 - 12:53 AM

Also, side question for any of you still on this thread; what exactly is the difference between a retired member, private member and advanced member?
Perhaps the most interesting among the pictures is the Lemony Item Duplication Module. Was that something you made on your own or was it a program like Neocodex programs you found? If so, someone worked really quick to automate the duplication process under such a short time.


You need to be voted into private and retired. Retired tends to happen when you've been a big part of the site, but then you need to dial back responsibilities or when you AFK out of the blue. Major benefits include a private room to be cranky in.


And when it comes to programming, this was likely written by someone who already had some/most of the code and just needed to direct the code to do whatever actions were necessary to dupe. The simple interface also definitely saved time.

In Topic: Life Apps

12 June 2018 - 09:33 PM

So I've tried a couple apps, but either I get caught up making reminders that are too granular and I get discouraged or distracted before full implementation. Also I get bored of projects easily, so...... *not helpful*


When it comes to larger reminders, I've recently started having success with a therapist and a note to self. Usually while recapping the week I'll remember things that I have to remember for the upcoming week. It gets immediately committed to a thick piece of fluorescent index card that pops visually and also stands out in my pocket, serving as a secondary reminder. This is probably the least cost effective solution you will ever receive unless you have great insurance... XD


The physical stuff that I can see on my desk/couch/bed/floor are easier to remember.


I started taking a set of supplements in hopes of helping with some stuff, but I never remember to take them. I'd love to know what you use to remind you to take medication.


The main thing about apps is that I completely forget about them. I need something that gets all up in my face.


Sounds like you need one of these physical reminders:


In Topic: Reddit

12 June 2018 - 09:23 PM



Your eyebrows are probably great. They're some of the most expressive parts of the face and you can kindly disregard anyone who's judging internet strangers.


Unless you have Helga brow, that is...


In Topic: Trump meets with Kim-Jong who agrees to complete denuclearization

12 June 2018 - 11:09 AM

This is a pleasant surprise. I'll do what I usually do and




and see how this turns out. I'm actually curious how this deal will be any different from the Iran deal... or if Iran was just the Donald being petty.

In Topic: Stock market

12 June 2018 - 11:03 AM

Wow dude. Thanks! I appreciate this advice. I think I am usually more of the “safe bet” person. I understand you can’t get as rich being safe as you can bring risky, but you also can’t get as broke. I’d rather be well off than risk being loaded or broke.
For instance, I was talking to my father-in-law recently, and they recently said sold their business for a mint. And he was the bemoaning the fact that he put the majority of his money in the low yield savings bond. Because if he would’ve put it in the stock market it would have doubled. But, he doesn’t have any risk, and is now making 400 grand a year off of his 4% interest


That doesn't sound like a worst case scenario. It sounds like most of his investment of time and energy went to the business... and sweat equity clearly paid off nicely.


Savings bonds behave poorly as investments because their earnings are locked in from day 1. Bond funds, however, are always buying new bonds at today's rates and looking for diversity in the bond market.


Do you have any bonds or international funds in your portfolio yet? As the US raises the base interest rate, the rate on US bonds goes up, so the bonds funds usually do better when stocks are flat or decreasing. And international funds are 90% separated from whatever internal stuff the US is over-reacting to today.