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#2026302 Minimalism

Posted by jcrdude on 21 July 2018 - 10:43 PM

Less is almost always more. The fewer things you have, the fewer things you need to keep track of, the more time you can spend doing things that enrich life.


I highly recommend looking into Marie Kondo and the little game-changing pointers that make decluttering easier. She recommends that every deep clean begin by taking out all of your things. And then you pick up every single individual thing. With every item, you consider whether or not this belonging beings you any joy. If it no longer brings you joy, you must thank it for its service and recycle or dispose as appropriate. If the thing still brings you joy, you must then find it a home.


She's a little out there, but in a good way.


She believes it is cruel to ball up your socks. Why would you ask your socks to work even when they are at rest?


I've mostly achieved minimalism via the upper lower class life. It's pretty liberating.


As for food minimalism, I've achieved this by being a single person. I buy my proteins in frozen bulk and cook small simple meals that usually feed me twice. Luckily, I kinda like being in ruts, so committing to a style of meal for a couple weeks isn't that offensive a concept to me.

#2025073 D-Day (Dupe Day) 2014

Posted by jcrdude on 14 June 2018 - 12:53 AM

Also, side question for any of you still on this thread; what exactly is the difference between a retired member, private member and advanced member?
Perhaps the most interesting among the pictures is the Lemony Item Duplication Module. Was that something you made on your own or was it a program like Neocodex programs you found? If so, someone worked really quick to automate the duplication process under such a short time.


You need to be voted into private and retired. Retired tends to happen when you've been a big part of the site, but then you need to dial back responsibilities or when you AFK out of the blue. Major benefits include a private room to be cranky in.


And when it comes to programming, this was likely written by someone who already had some/most of the code and just needed to direct the code to do whatever actions were necessary to dupe. The simple interface also definitely saved time.

#2024989 Life Apps

Posted by jcrdude on 12 June 2018 - 09:33 PM

So I've tried a couple apps, but either I get caught up making reminders that are too granular and I get discouraged or distracted before full implementation. Also I get bored of projects easily, so...... *not helpful*


When it comes to larger reminders, I've recently started having success with a therapist and a note to self. Usually while recapping the week I'll remember things that I have to remember for the upcoming week. It gets immediately committed to a thick piece of fluorescent index card that pops visually and also stands out in my pocket, serving as a secondary reminder. This is probably the least cost effective solution you will ever receive unless you have great insurance... XD


The physical stuff that I can see on my desk/couch/bed/floor are easier to remember.


I started taking a set of supplements in hopes of helping with some stuff, but I never remember to take them. I'd love to know what you use to remind you to take medication.


The main thing about apps is that I completely forget about them. I need something that gets all up in my face.


Sounds like you need one of these physical reminders:


#2024988 Reddit

Posted by jcrdude on 12 June 2018 - 09:23 PM



Your eyebrows are probably great. They're some of the most expressive parts of the face and you can kindly disregard anyone who's judging internet strangers.


Unless you have Helga brow, that is...


#2024910 Stock market

Posted by jcrdude on 11 June 2018 - 11:55 PM

I actually did the math using an online mortgage a calculator. I doubt the banks want to point out the benefit of paying off early. And I did put an extra 10k principle earlier and was gonna do it again with this but decided to stock market it. That would make it almost half and half, except I only put in 5k into Robin Hood. Also, Robinhood doesn’t have any transaction fees. Which makes it nice for smaller and more frequent buys. Like today, for instance, I have bought and sold BZUN at A trough and peak for an extra $10 profit than if I would’ve just held on to it but that would’ve cancelled out if I had transaction fees.

Also the payout of paying off the mortgage early decreases with rash extra payment I make due to the compounded nature of it. I’m also considering doing one of two things, I’d like your guys opinion: my wife and I decided to live like our peers who are paying 1500/month on rent. I was thinking of either putting 800/month extra into our mortgage (thus paying it off in 6 more years rather than 25, saving about 30k in interest) or putting that into the stock market each month, giving us more liquidity while also having the benefit of (hopefully) growing our earnings.


I punched up an imaginary version of your story to do some comparisons on what end results would be. If you'd like the spreadsheet, you're welcome to it, but I had to hide hella rows to make the single image have any meaning. I highlighted year chunks and when the mortgage was paid off in each scenario.


Conclusion: Technically, you'll make more money overall if your portfolio outperforms your mortgage interest, but that's excluding the very real element of risk. If you pay off the mortgage and you don't like having it paid off (IN 6 YEARS! That would be fucking killer! You would be one of the best kinds of weird people: Someone who owns the house and isn't borrowing it from the bank)... you can always go back in and get a mortgage again... XD
Also keep in mind that this isn't factoring in any inflation of value that your house may accrue over the time you're in it ;3
TL;DR - Keep up the good work. At this rate, you'll easily be within striking distance of $1m net worth in the next 30 years


Posted by jcrdude on 11 June 2018 - 10:44 PM


#2024865 Stock market

Posted by jcrdude on 11 June 2018 - 11:35 AM

Ya. I’ve been using Robinhood since it is free. I think it’s a good way to start. They also have a referral program where if you sign up with someone’s referral link you both get a stock for free (it is usually cheap but can be an expensive one) so if anyone is interested in starting to learn how to play the game with a free real stock lmk.

Ya by putting down 10k on my mortgage it saves like 20k in interest. But at this point my mortgage with tax and insurance is 700/month ( we bought at a good time) and I owe 90k on it. I just wish I would’ve started investing 2 years ago bc the stock market had been booming. So when I got $8000 of awards at my graduation I wasn’t expecting I decided to try the market. See if I can get that 10% average or better.


I just took advantage of STASH's offer of free Retirement Management for a year. I'm probably going to roll everything across to Robinhood when the promotion ends. $12/year isn't a whole lot, but giving away my meager gains is what I'm trying to avoid ;3

And holy balls, congrats on that chunk of cash! Without running the numbers, I'd offhand recommend doing about a 50/50 split on mortgage principal and long term investing based on getting investing started if it's not already.


But holy shit. Your bank broke down the math for you. Additional payments now on your mortgage get you 100% LONG TERM RETURN ON YOUR MONEY. That's a hard ROI for the market to beat.

#2024626 Allowing members (or at least Advanced Members) to be able to manually adjust...

Posted by jcrdude on 07 June 2018 - 08:46 AM

I've been having issues with a full shop, so I've been increasing my profit margin to try to balance out purchases vs sales.


Also the whole UB concept might need a biiiiiit of an overhaul now that we can put stuff into our shops up to 999,999?

#2024527 [VOTING] Spring Codies 2k18

Posted by jcrdude on 05 June 2018 - 10:48 PM

Noooo, it’s always been flipped. Ali’s is the same but right side up. And redlion’s is right side up I think. And hobo. And whoever else participated in that whole thing like a decade ago that I can’t remember now.

Or maybe it was right side up and I just recently changed it.

Or maybe not.

I hope this keeps you up at night.



#2024009 Missing an award? Post here!

Posted by jcrdude on 31 May 2018 - 09:39 PM

I gave you majestic :) In order to qualify for On My Way you need to have a photo of the two of you together!

Holy balls this feels like yesterday and forever ago all at once. 11/30/2009. I'm gonna say it's your fault that I feel old as dirt today ;3



#2023928 Cats of Codex

Posted by jcrdude on 29 May 2018 - 11:24 PM

Dis is my baby. Her name is Noodle. She is cuddles for days.

And this picture is rated PG for fuzzy belly and general crotch area

Also here's a video of Noodle playing with a fidget spinner:

Miss Kitty loves her new bed. 


She's also an indoor kitty now



Your cat reminds me of my cat ;3


#1841249 6 Things I Don’t Understand About The Fat Acceptance Movement

Posted by jcrdude on 07 January 2015 - 04:24 PM

Relevant media for your listening pleasure:


Listen on Soundcloud.com


For those that don't know, I'm a legal drug dealer... peddling top-quality cut-rate wheat, sugar, and salt with a smile. Now with online ordering so you don't have to interact with a human to get your fix.

#1840449 Soundcloud Media Tags now active

Posted by jcrdude on 03 January 2015 - 09:43 PM

So I can do this then?




Focken sweet... 







...Fucking kangaroos @Strategist


Posted by jcrdude on 03 January 2015 - 09:27 PM

Hapy Birchday, @mOBsCENE

#1837724 The Official "Fuck this Strange Chest nonsense. Imma go and complain abou...

Posted by jcrdude on 23 December 2014 - 12:47 PM

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<3 Rocket / +rep




(PS I named it after you <_<)