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The Americans

31 May 2018 - 01:48 AM

This is my recent binge.


Anyone else watching this fun bit of brilliance?


Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Watching:


1. Chemistry: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have such great chemistry that they are together and have a child now.

2. Writing: Writer Joe Weisberg actually worked for the CIA. He kinda knows how this stuff works. They added some sex and violence because of course they did. You don't want the show to flop because it doesn't grab audiences.

3. Modern Parallels: Watching cold war tactics and comparing/contrasting infiltration methodologies to what would and would not work in modern contexts.


BONUS REASON: The show's coming to a close in the near future. This can be binged straight through if you're just starting. No season breaks.