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Boggy Blog > I guess I've grown?

Posted 25 April 2015

This is more of a "personal journal entry" but if you want to read it, then I welcome you!

Hello! My name is Boggart, IRL people call me Chris and I was a very active member in the past. Ever since I started medical school I've been very busy and haven't had enough time for my Codex family :( That's basically all you need to know about me to understand t...

Boggy Blog > My Halloween

Posted 08 November 2014

Greetings earthlings,

So I know this is a bit late but i've been a bit busy avoiding my responsibilities.

Last week on Halloween, my class and I all got into costume and do a reverse-trick-or-treating for a Children's Hospital in our city. In other words, we all got dressed in costumes and went to a hospital and gave candy to the kids who were too sick...

Boggy Blog > Ending a Friendship Due to Necessity

Posted 21 June 2014

I have a question for you all:

Have you had to end a friendship, not because they did something wrong, not because they are a bad friend, not because they smell really bad, but because the friendship is simply too much for you to handle?

I recently had to end a friendship with someone with whom I was really close. The reason I had to end it was because...

Boggy Blog > Why Boggart Can't Have Straight Male Friends

Posted 03 June 2014

As a human being IRL, I have quite a few friends. And they can be broken down into a pie chart like so:
Anyway, as you may see, almost all my friends are straight females. The fact that i have few homosexual male/female friends is simply because I don't meet very many. However I get along with most homosexual men/women...

Boggy Blog > Backhanded Compliments

Posted 31 May 2014

You know what compliment I get a lot?

"You're tall for an Asian"

I'm 5'8, which isn't really tall by anyone's standards, but apparently I'm "tall for an Asian". Fantastic.That doesn't really offend me; my city has a very high percentage of Filipinos and many males are ~5'2 - 5'5 so in comparison, I appear taller.

But I can never really get over the "co...