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GameStop 70% Extra Trade Deal

04 July 2017 - 12:49 PM

Reddit Post


This whole fiasco has ended, and as I was making my rounds racking up cash, I realized I should've posted here so you guys could be aware, in the event you hadn't seen it elsewhere. Basically GameStop had a crazy trade in special going on and if you took in at least 6 games, they would give you a 70% bonus on the value (60% for now Power Up members). Some games that cost about $20 new were being credited $48 for as trade ins. Chaos ensued and many folks, including myself albeit not to the same extremes, were able to capitalize.


Were any of you all aware of this? If so, did you make out with a nice haul? I haven't bought games in a long time, especially from GameStop, but when I caught wind of what was going on, I decided to join in. At the very least, any games I want in the future are paid for, or if a console comes out that I like, I have a bunch of store credit and can get it no problem. I have linked the Reddit thread if you want an overview of what happened/timeline of events. I spent around $500 and turned it into around $1200 in credit, which at this rate is probably enough to support my gaming for the rest of my life, and at worst, I can sell the gift card on a resale site, which is what I'll likely end up doing. 

Talbs Wedding Photos

29 June 2017 - 03:23 PM

People may not give a crap about this, but I talk to a fair amount of you on here, and follow several of you on instagram and various social media, so I figured I would upload some of my photos from my wedding last month. I have about 500, so if there are others you'd like to see, either getting ready (as there aren't any of the guys, but plenty of the girls), the ceremony, reception, etc. just let me know and I will add them here. Otherwise, here are a handful of images that sum up the day for your viewing pleasure. There's probably 20 images in the spoiler. Thanks for looking!