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#1730397 Feminism

Posted by Amethyst on 10 April 2014 - 05:11 PM

I have another link for it as well, it gives more quotes and I think more of the story. http://www.bbc.com/n...canada-26964278

I am sick and tired of people blocking the fair pay act. Just because I was born a woman, I earn less? Because of something I had no control over? Stupid old white men. 


I'm reading that article right after I post.


With brutal honesty, Feminism is important to me, and it's one of the only things [actually only thing] I appreciate about having been born female.

Although I am no longer female. 


I understand the pains that women go through, because I have endured them, Seeing old white men not understanding the struggles that women face, and their lack of empathy makes me sick, why should they get that choice? it's not their lives, it's not their struggle.

#1730311 Help Me Write a Craigslist Ad

Posted by Amethyst on 10 April 2014 - 10:49 AM

He also said the guy offered to buy them. Easy money.


He offered me 25$ a sock. Then changed his mind when I said okay.

I could have bought new socks for that. 


Also, I sent you a PM with what I feel should be written in the ad. 

#1455726 My guide to silenced accounts. :)

Posted by Amethyst on 17 May 2011 - 03:17 AM

So You Got Silenced?

So you're reading this guide for one of many reasons, 1. you got silenced. 2. you're curious about silencings. 3. you're thinking about buying/selling some silenced shells yet not sure how to go about it. 4. you're bored/ a moderator checking out this guide.

The History of Silencing:

One fateful day TNT decided to bring a new punishment to the table (which is far better than freezings/suspensions in my opinion.) called "Silencing". Basically a silencing is when all communication to the neopian world cut off, leaving you alone in that world, with some pros and cons. This guide is here to explain all the things you can and can't do with a silenced account.

Things You Need to Know:

Things you can do with a silenced account:

1. You can still play games (and if you are a cheater you can still SS with no problems) you can still get trophies and high scores, and a slight benefit is you wont have people annoying you claiming you cheated.

2. You can still buy from shops and usershops, you can also sell out of your shop. (you just cant change the description/greeting/shop name)

3. You can still use the trading post. (you just cant have a wishlist on your lot)

4. You can still send gifts to other users, (i havent tested NC gifts yet as i dont buy NC and have no gift boxes if you have information on this i will be glad to add it.)

5. You can still send a pet transfer to another person.

6. You can still surf the pound.

7. You can still participate in site plots.

Things you CAN'T do with a silenced account

1. Update your profile.

2. Update pet pages.

3. Neomail other people.

4. Check your friends list.

5. Change your avatar.

6. Check the boards. (and no you cant lurk boards either. But the bright side is you can see the staff board for updates)

Silencing Times: Not every silence is permanent, depending on the severity of the rule you broke, or if TNT likes you or not depends on how long you can get silenced. if you flame/troll/spam very lightly (as in don't do anything serious) you can get i believe 24 hours to a week of ban time (if you can get less let me know) but i bypassed the filters on the boards and got a permanent silencing. your personal silencing time depends on the crime, and how often you have been warned already.


I would personally value them at half the price of a normal shell smile.gif

Final Thoughts:

Basically a silenced account is just like a normal side account, only difference is no communication. you can still cheat the hell out of silenced accounts, and make a profit. though if you're not a cheater these accounts are just pet storage or a good account for neo-loners.