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Annals of Insanity > 04:23

Posted 13 October 2016

I'm not sure what to say.
So much has happened in this past week alone let alone the entire year leading up to this moment.
Sometimes I feel like a crazy, broken man.
Others? Stronger and wiser than ever before. My marriage is in limbo.
Its future uncertain.
This brings a deep sadness to my heart. http://i.imgur.com/m5yc4LK.jpg?1  I've sinc...

Don't Be Draft, Mate > Untitled & Unfinished - A Collection

Posted 11 August 2016

Quite rusty so any time a random blip of inspiration comes my way I try to take advantage of it.
Practice, practice, practice.
Write, write, write.
Okay, maybe I just suck as a writer and have nothing but time to kill.
Either way here's some of my latest works if anyone cares.
If not... meh.
In reverse order of most recently created: #1

Tormented dr...