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The Prysm > Running on Caffeine and Misery!

Posted 18 July 2016

Oh my gosh, let me just start off by telling you the education system in the United States does not prepare you very well for standardized testing !!! If any of you know me, you know what I'm stressing about in particular: THE BAR EXAM Till date, most of us can agree that we have been able to pass with minimal effort on our part (Of course, most...

The Prysm > Old Newbie Status

Posted 30 June 2016

I have been playing Neopets since I was in 4th grade. From the very first time my friend introduced me to this virtual petsite, I was HOOKED ! Although I didn't do much beyond read my Blue Zafara a lot of books (Zafaras were supposedly lucky in the initial pet descriptions when you first created an account), I loved it. I played games, earned neopoints, a...