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#1674664 Interesting Events - the good, the bad and the ugly

Posted by Pirates on 18 June 2013 - 09:05 AM

2013-06-18 13:02:15 - Random Event: Not been paying your bills, eh?  The ANGRY Tax Beast arrives and takes 25% of your Neopoints away... because he is ANGRY.


Sad day

#1418746 Facebook Prize

Posted by Pirates on 01 March 2011 - 06:29 PM

Yep! Thanks to their facebook fans reaching 50k, they're giving away a cute new wearable shield. Be sure to only get it on your main!

Enter the code "FB50KFANSHLD" at Grundo's Wearhouse!


Congratulations! You've received Shiny Silver Neopets Shield!

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#1357093 [Chapter 9] The Shadows Beneath

Posted by Pirates on 02 November 2010 - 01:45 PM

Read the Comic~
Link to plot step:


How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down? - Walk through lots of the tunnels. I got it after awhile by just walking.

The Goo Whisperer - Pull all the goo off the ALL neopets without failing once. Do this by learning the patterns in your first time through the puzzle, then replay the puzzle, the patterns (ex: pulse = left arm, ripple = right leg) will remain the same from you last play through.

Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down - Shout a greeting ten times in a row. Do not change caves, just us the same cave. There must be a person inside the cave to shout to.

To get out of the first cave, you need to look for 3 items:
Old Rag - Given to you by a person when you click, "Shout a Greeting"
Stick - Given to you when you click, "Search the Floor"
Flask of Lamp Oil - Given to you by a person when you click, "Shout a Greeting"

Goo whisperer requires you to not fail at pulling off the goo once.
» Pull left arm
» Pull right arm
» Pull left leg
» Pull right leg

Each choice corresponds with a different action by the goo, so you may need to write it down.
Undulate slowly
Waver strangely
Vibrate gently
Ripple oddly
Pulse threateningly

After you finish the second cave, you'll be sent to create a wand. There are 9 items inside and you'll need a focus, handle, and a binding. Its trial and error and I don't think anybody has the same combination. ~Thanks Warriors

Here are the different all the different combinations to try. Go through the list crossing off the ones that dont work:

feather duster,length of rope,gemstone
feather duster,length of rope,odd crystal
feather duster,length of rope,lens
feather duster,gemstone,pipe cleaners
feather duster,gemstone,old belt
feather duster,pipe cleaners,odd crystal
feather duster,pipe cleaners,lens
feather duster,odd crystal,old belt
feather duster,lens,old belt
soup ladle,length of rope,gemstone
soup ladle,length of rope,odd crystal
soup ladle,length of rope,lens
soup ladle,gemstone,pipe cleaners
soup ladle,gemstone,old belt
soup ladle,pipe cleaners,odd crystal
soup ladle,pipe cleaners,lens
soup ladle,odd crystal,old belt
soup ladle,lens,old belt
length of rope,fancy cane,gemstone
length of rope,fancy cane,odd crystal
length of rope,fancy cane,lens
fancy cane,gemstone,pipe cleaners
fancy cane,gemstone,old belt
fancy cane,pipe cleaners,odd crystal
fancy cane,pipe cleaners,lens
fancy cane,odd crystal,old belt
fancy cane,lens,old belt

Note: If you search the floors sometimes you can get bonus items with Rock or Stone in the name.

#1346049 [Chapter 4] Nox's Locks

Posted by Pirates on 01 October 2010 - 03:34 PM

This is incredibly annoying. I finished it after getting the gold key and going out door, but only got the ice cream achievement and And One For All, but not Nox's Lock or Fort Nox

Try starting your second game and make a move?
Thats how tsunde got theirs
If it works like that as it has with a few other peoples then I'll edit my first post

I had two pegs meet up and that was the one that had the key

This combined peg with the key was on Floor G

While moving single peg up from Floor B, the door combo I used managed to get the combined peg with key to the exit and they left (got message at side of screen saying there had been an escape)

No matter how many times I move remaining peg into exit room it will not leave as getting the "door will not open" message you get when you do not have the key .. EDITED TO ADD .. message in little box to side of maze is "What's this strange, glowing door? There doesn't seem to be any way to open it." .. so not getting an error as such .. just will not let that last peg exit as seems to have decided it does not have a key

I have been in and out that room for about half an hour now .. have also moved that dam peg up and down all the floors and back to G ... going for a large JD and smoke lol

Don't go through the glowing door. I went through the golden door with a peg that had the key first, but my door remained open for my second peg to get through. The golden door disappears after the key has been used, but its still inside the same place as before.

#1345974 [Chapter 4] Nox's Locks

Posted by Pirates on 01 October 2010 - 02:07 PM

I've solved it~
You need to find a gold key to get out the golden door. You should get an achievement with it.

We All Scream
Everyone loves an ice-cold bowl of Chintzy Mynci... even Hubrid Nox

To get this, I think you need to go to the ice cream room with all of your pegs.

Fort Nox
There's gold in them thar halls!

Get the key (Some people say they don't get it, but thats how I got it after my 2nd time playing)
Make your first move on your 2nd game (You don't have to complete it)

Its one of the two I think~

And One For All
After you." "No, after you." "No, I insist! After you.

Get it through bringing all your pegs through the golden door together

Copy & Pasted from my comments

First of all, go read the comic, then lets take a trip to... Castle Nox!

For the corridor that needs neocash keys, I suggest reading the FAQ

From what I've gathered so far...
Each Peg represents something that you have to move,
The stone slabs are trap squares, apart from the one with the golden key on, and the one with icecream on.
There is a golden door on floor G, which you need to get your peg to.
And the weird things at the bottom appear to control the doors.

Sorry, i'm trying to solve it all atm, so i'll add more when I'm done.

I think the keys change around a bit because my keys were in G for my first game, but then on the 2nd game it was on 2. :o