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In Topic: Funny times in TC

17 March 2018 - 09:53 AM


In Topic: Why is no one here??

15 March 2018 - 02:32 PM

I guess I'm just excited to find a community outside of Facebook AND i don't have to hide that I cheat lol

Try tinder

In Topic: Why is no one here??

15 March 2018 - 11:03 AM

We have had a couple of topics about this recently, lol. We are still around - check out the post in the announcement and news section :)

In Topic: A message from your friendly neighbourhood Admin

14 March 2018 - 07:46 PM

I agree with Kate on this - we have always had instant messaging mediums to communicate with. Be it in MSN, IRC, Slack, Tinychat, Discord, Facebook Group (it is an old and now dead one) activity has not been completely isolated to those areas. People would still post links to topics in those chat rooms, and we would have active discussion about things going on within the site.

I, along with a couple of others, use slack at our place of work and adding an additional workspace is easy. I am able to communicate quite quickly and effortlessly with members of this community while I am supposed to be working. This, if anything, has helped reduced some of the other pain points of the site where when something would go wrong it would take much longer to figure it out. I would need to be sent a pm or email and then have to check my personal email.

Salade and Romy - I do not see either of you being very active within slack ;)

In Topic: A message from your friendly neighbourhood Admin

13 March 2018 - 11:20 AM

Wellp that was a very personal post so I’m unsure if I should be posting regarding inactivity here or the other thread but as you mentioned you will do two of my suggestions in your post, I will try to think of some more.

If staff wants my help with anything, I’m here. Kind of. I did ask Kate if we could run the codies several months ago but she had private issues in her personal life and took a step back. I do think reinstating the codies would be a fun idea whenever Kate/the staff is open to it.

It was a very personal post, but that should not mean it takes away from the overall spirit of the post. I wanted members who might not know who I am now - due to my inactivity - that i truly and deeply care about this place and to share some of the experiences I have had.

The Codies were bought up in a bunch of comments and also addressed... We staff do not usually run the Codies, it is a very heavily run member situation. We are open to helping, providing platforms to run the codies with but it is all about you the community :)

We love and miss you Obama and Uncle Joe!

 I actually have an Uncle Joe, hearing you call me that is strange... But thank you for the poster xD

I think that .. I’m probably not the best person to run things as I don’t know many people here.

I will run it if nobody else wants to, but does anyone else want to?

Another suggestion that I have is to have a topic/area for people to post their social media. I was just reading through the other thread and Ladida’s post made a lot of sense. People are on social media. I won’t talk to any of you on here, but I would talk to you on SnapChat, for example. I’ve also lost touch with quite a few of you since deleting my Facebook 8 months ago. In the old days, everyone on here spoke over msn (pls no old timers bringing up embarrassing convos I’ll kms). Now, nobody talks over things like msn. It’s all over social media. Maybe find a way to link it all together as well? Like an Instagram group chat/Facebook group chat/SnapChat group. I feel like those would get so much more attention and activity than something like your discord or whatever. For those of us that are on those social media platforms either way. It’s convenient. It’s easy.

I am starting a list from this topic to discuss with other staff (and people on slack) to see which ones resonate well.

In the spirit of that:
SnapChat: pyro.699
Discord: Pyro699#6528
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cody.woolaver

Jokes on Cody, we did actually get married in Vegas he was just too drunk to remember.

Oh, I am quite well aware of everything that happened that weekend. I just didn't think that we would be that open about it =O

Step 1 to being on staff: host the codies.

I didn't xD I just tried to steal all the programs  :rolleyes:

"Remember, I'm pulling for you." ~Pyro699 2018

How dare you ruin red green :crybaby:


I think these past couple weeks definitely proved that we have a community where older members do check in. I think this is great, and is indicative that the community isn't dead. I do have a suggestion to boost activity mentioned in the other thread, and that is to increase the minimum post requirement of private members to 10 posts a month. I think it could make a huge difference as it would mean older members would have more incentive to be more consistent with activity vs. popping in maybe once a month. Neocodex isn't dying, and I think the community is worth fighting for.

Your suggestion is noted and I will talk with the others about it.

My first post was written by yung
ps thanks for that blast of nostalgia. @Pyro699

I miss that guy. And no worries, hopefully you enjoyed the shout out and the memory of that first Canadian meal - authentic Mexican food. I do know how to show a girl a good time.

I have some free time, just point me at things to do.

A community shouldn't be dictated (regardless of how often Drak says I am a dictator (unless he means dick-tator)). Anything you want to help in, or areas you think you can contribute - go for it :) If you think there should be some new areas to add to the forums, make a topic about it. Tag me, pm me, email me. I have included many ways to get in touch with myself, and other members of staff.

hey "white guy" keep up the good work, appreciate all you do for us all :thumbsup:

Thanks :funone: