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04 July 2014 - 02:46 PM

A pretty old but ongoing subject but i don't think there's been a topic to discuss it (sorry if there has, i did do a quick search but found nothing)


I've decided to create this topic now as i think my childhood has been totally destroyed. I'm referring to Rolf Harris' convictions. He was my childhood hero, heck i wanted to be him. I would watch several episodes of animal hospital religiously every day.


I'm still finding it very hard to believe.


What are your guys thoughts/opinions on 'operation yewtree' and the onslaught of celebrities being accused.


I find it highly unlikely that all these celebrities are involved and my main question is why are all the victims coming out of the woodwork now.

I believe many of them are just out for attention and i think it's awful, destroying somebody's life/reputation for some publicity.

What would you do?

12 June 2014 - 05:57 AM

Want to see what you guys think to this / how you would resolve this.


2 months ago our friend came to live with us whilst he saves up to buy a house. He was previously living with his girlfriend but her parents had given them a deadline to have saved enough money to move out. They obviously didn't save enough and he had to move out so that's how he has come to stay with us. He pays us rent however the amount he pays us is less than half the price he would have to pay if he rented out a single room in a house and all bills/food is included in what he pays us. Initially i didn't mind him paying a lot less as it would leave him more money to save towards his house and he's a friend and we wanted to help him out. He does exactly what he wants in the house, he has access to everything, i do all his cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. My son has moved out of his bedroom for him and is sharing a room with his sister which is really cramped. Also we are not meant to have lodgers so we are taking a big risk letting him stay with us. Basically him moving in is a big inconvenience to us but we want to help him out, we've worked round things and and made a lot of compromises, we don't have any money to spare due to letting him pay so little.


Now here's the thing, he's just gone and splashed out on a massive holiday abroad. Should i be pissed off or should i just "mind my own business, it's his money to do what he wants with". (that is what his girlfriend said to me when i very politely asked if he could afford it with saving for a house".


How would you handle it?