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#1389879 I got someone arrested..

Posted by equitatus on 12 January 2011 - 05:35 PM

He was trying to get in my pants, bit my neck, groped me everywhere.

, i do not know the exact situation and for me to tell you what to do, that would be overstepping boundaries as a total internet stranger.
I do advise you to do what you think is right. If you feel that for some strange reason he was kidding, I would (and i must stress that this is just what i would do) just let it go.
If you feel that he might be an actual molester and a threat to society, i would report him. If I felt by any chance that he was not kidding and that he would actually do this to others i think reporting him would be justified.

actually reading all these comments..........wow i just realized how big a dick the internet could be.....................
i mean some of these comments are just plain messed up like the ones calling you a slut.....and there are only two explanations
1) these guys really meant it, in which yeah they are plain assholes.....
2) they are kidding.....in which case they will be less of an asshole but an asshole nonetheless.....this girl seems to be having a serious problem and everyone joking around...

If i were you...I would be leaning towards report his ass......now that i read you are 16 and he has a fiance.....the chances that he was kidding is rather slim..........
regardless of whether or not you sent him the wrong signals (not saying you did but responding to some of the comments here) he shouldn't be touching a 16 yr old when he has a fiance.