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#1446163 Festival of Neggs 2011

Posted by Ladida on 28 April 2011 - 11:42 PM

it's kinda strange today :S

It says Krawk Island :/

"Avast! Pirates, ye be not welcome
Where sun is seen but seldom;
Here schools are full and shoes are free;
Alas, dinner requires a spending spree."

The link says Maraqua now. I guess the person changed it when they realized it said "Pirates, you're not welcome" and dinner being a spending spree at the Kelp.

Edit: Dumping the links here again, because no one likes to have to go back, just because it was the last post before pagination.

Today we explore Maraqua!

http://www.neopets.c...r/fishing.phtml (6 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=87 (5 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...bblingpit.phtml (3 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=88 (3 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...ml?game_id=1078 (1 found here)


#1445069 Festival of Neggs 2011

Posted by Ladida on 26 April 2011 - 11:06 PM

& today's negg takes you to Tyrannia. For all the people who're not using Sweeney's FF Treasure Hunter add-on:

http://www.neopets.c.../monotony.phtml (6 found here, Steel found his here :))
http://www.neopets.c...ediocrity.phtml (4 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=42 (3 found here *found mine here*)
http://www.neopets.c...hop&obj_type=43 (3 found here)
http://www.neopets.c...certhall.phtml? (2 found here)


I found mine at Tyrannian Foods

The windchime is adorable, wearable, & it moves. I'm guessing this will be worth more than the other prizes in the future.

#1442680 Would you rather.../This or That (Neopets Version)

Posted by Ladida on 20 April 2011 - 08:45 PM

Crippled o.O I feel so racist right now.

Came face to face with a black dude who'd broken into my house at 1.30am and robbed me. Ran away from another black dude who was also trying to attack and rob me. I've never been attacked/robbed/harrassed by any other race. I now have an aversion for random black people =\ If I was crippled, it'd be easier for them to rob me. If I was black, maybe they'd think I'm one of them and leave me alone.

Perhaps I'd rather be black :|

#1439028 Abortion

Posted by Ladida on 12 April 2011 - 07:38 PM

I will never trust a man who feels entitled to tell a woman what to do with her own body. Once men start pushing out babies, they have a right to join the debate. The majority of boys who get girls pregnant abandon the girl, even though it took two to tango. They tend to get away from all responsibility, just watch MTV or speak to one of the many many girls whose sexual partner hightailed it out of there when she told him she's pregnant. Men shouldn't get to have a say unless they've done more than just fertilize an egg, and men who are not even involved should definitely not be poking their noses into other people's affairs.

I don't feel guilty about killing mosquitoes and cockroaches, or smashing centipedes and snakes.. But if someone kept harping about it telling me how wrong it is, I'd probably feel terribly guilty about it. Ultimately, it's not your choice, you are not the one who'll be providing for the baby, your only offering is that "abortion is wrong!" and therefore, your opinion carries no weight to the person making the decision. People can scream all day long about it, but in the end, they're not going to be there helping you. Or you can be happy that you've pleased some social circle, and irresponsibly bring another life into this world.

This is not related to abortion, but I've been seeing these ads from law firms, informing women that if they were on some Prozac or Zoloft and had deformed babies, they should totally sue the medicine companies. This just pisses the absolute Hell out of me. Women who are clearly not mentally capable of having children go ahead and have them anyway. I have no idea what the logic behind that is. The medication kept them from probably killing themselves, so what do they do? Make babies! And then bitch about having deformed kids. Seriously. It's pretty obvious that if a medication is messing with your hormones, you shouldn't be having babies. In birth control ads, I've heard them warning the audience NOT to take the birth control if they're pregnant or planning to become pregnant, so apparently the general public is made up of morons.

#1437802 Interesting Events - the good, the bad and the ugly

Posted by Ladida on 09 April 2011 - 05:47 PM

Random event: The incessant mewing of a Mutant Kadoatie drives you completely mad, and you give its owner <strong>5,000</strong> Neopoints to take it away!

Fucking HELL! ARGH!!!!

Random event: The Easter Cybunny gives you an easter Negg!! Cool!

#1433737 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 31 March 2011 - 11:18 PM

Daily Dare has ended!

The challenges are done and it's time for AAA and Abigail to cough up your rewards. Check back on April 4th, when prizes and trophies will be revealed!

#1433283 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 31 March 2011 - 12:28 AM

And there you have it folks. The end of Daily Dare.

Attached File  SS_Data_Complete.png   46.69KB   40 downloads

Do I hear a collective sigh of relief?

Day 31 - Spinacles

AAA: Smiling Spinacles Mask [3,450 pts]
Posted Image

Abigail: Smiley Spinacle Ball Lollypop [450 pts]
Posted Image

Lulu: Golden Spinacles Background [600 pts]
Posted Image

Bonus: Fun Games
Posted Image

That was a pretty shitty AAA prize to end DD with. The background isn't all that either, and I'm pretty sure I don't want anything reminding of that creepy game. The music is just too haunting.

#1433277 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 30 March 2011 - 11:38 PM

I'm using
GameID: 1134 Score: 3450-3500 Time: 1980-2100

#1432868 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 29 March 2011 - 11:53 PM

Double Dare! I used to love this game, well the version that's now in the graveyard. This damn Grarrl keeps on eating my car or whatever it is. Lost count of how many games I just played. The controls are a bit tricky, everything seems to be reversed to me.

My conservative SS setting was:
GameID: 726 Score: 500-550 Time: 600-660 Mod 5

#1432436 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 28 March 2011 - 11:54 PM

o.o dont mean to be a bother.. but is there a collection of the scores somewhere? i thought it would have been collated to the first post but it hasnt thats all

Give me a sec to update and upload them :)

Attached File  SS_Data_Updated_28-03-11.png   31.74KB   51 downloads

You'll find today's score in this thread later today when someone posts it :)

#1432169 Hidden Tower avatar

Posted by Ladida on 28 March 2011 - 12:31 PM

oh darn... you have to be 60+ month? are we allowed to transfer money to our side and buy it?

Just to clear this up:

Your account needs to be at least 4 months old in order to access the Hidden Tower.

In order to get the 3% discount on the third Wednesday, your account has to be 60+ months old.

Whichever account you purchase from will get the Hidden Tower avatar.

#1430661 Abortion

Posted by Ladida on 25 March 2011 - 02:07 PM

Omg omg babies are sooo cyuuute, they're innocent, adorable little cuppycakes!! I mean, they're so innocent and adorable, they can't possibly need the food, shelter, maturity and stability that I can't give them!! So if I ever have a darling little munchkin chubby cheeks, I'll be so HAPPY!!!

And people wonder why the resulting kids are so fucked up? People need to mature the fuck up before bringing kids into the world. Babies are not adorable, innocent dolls for you to play with.

#1430603 Interest in an auto score sender list?

Posted by Ladida on 25 March 2011 - 11:59 AM

MR.SAM: i know right.... but one of your sentence mention about money which is REAL MONEY or NEOPOINTS?.... hopefully you can CORRECT IT. thankyou!

REP IS FREE = fully agreed with you but doesn't mean it's NOT A BIG DEAL MATTER.... having plenty of REP'S able to help you to gain more PRIVATE ACCESS and TRUST'S.

just saying: today i got FROZEN due to use SS. beware bro!

Dude, your posts are bugging me. You haven't been here long and already you're playing policeman. Advanced membership opens up the doors to accessing other features in programs. Rep simply indicates how helpful a user is (not always because people rep posts they find hilarious, sarcastic, etc). Rep is not a big deal other than to show how liked your posts were. sam has already said he doesn't want money, so stop badgering him about that.

You got frozen due to SS because you didn't use SS properly or wisely. If you read jcr's topic carefully, along with other posts on the Codex, you'd realise all the details that need to be taken into account to make your score/times more authentic. If you made a mistake while typing in, that's not the SS's problem, you're supposed to make sure the data is 100% correct before going trigger happy on the start button. I've been using SS for the entire month, with no issues, because I make sure my scores are below suspicion and below the review score.

Also, your use of caps to stress points is annoying. If you have so many words you want to stress, it's probably best you use the bold feature.

#1429318 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 22 March 2011 - 10:33 PM

As always, the scores got lost in the thread. So here it is in one place :)

Attached File  SS_Data_Updated_22-03-11.png   31.51KB   69 downloads

#1427597 Daily Dare 2011

Posted by Ladida on 18 March 2011 - 05:42 PM

yaaay aaas trousers! AWSOME!

I cannot even imagine how excited you'd get if we were getting his underwear :p