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#1451695 [How to] use Chrome + CE

Posted by CuriousOyster on 10 May 2011 - 11:19 PM

Thank you.
Firefox makes me feel dirty.

#1450645 Array of Bytes [How to]

Posted by CuriousOyster on 09 May 2011 - 02:54 AM

Not to be a dick or anything, but the link you provided me with

Cheat Engine

was a virus.
I don't think you intentionally did this, but I'm just letting everybody know for the sake of their computers.
Norton said it was safe as I downloaded the set-up, but right as set-up was completed Norton notified me that an Intrusion of a TrojanHorse was blocked.
Might not be the same results for everyone else, but these were mine.

#1449788 New here

Posted by CuriousOyster on 07 May 2011 - 01:22 PM

Even new members are annoyed by you :rofl:
Welcome to the club Pokemon99.

#1448277 ChaCha! Get paid for answering questions?

Posted by CuriousOyster on 03 May 2011 - 11:16 PM

Very nice advertising, well written. Honestly, i could go outside on the streets and loot a penny every 10 seconds... a quarter every 5 minutes or so and few dollar bills every so 30 minutes of intense searching. you get physical exercise and money. its way better than this chacha thing. im pretty sure a hobo makes more money than chachaing. bottles > questions.

Very nice negative and useless comment; poorly written.

I'm not advertising, I'm simply trying to help the community that I've grown to love raise some money on the side for themselves.
Sure, it does help me in the long run, but for what? An extra $2 every month for everyone using my referral? Give me a break.
You obviously haven't used ChaCha so I don't think you'd be eligible to even judge; troll.
Honestly, like I've said before, I have a part-time job and I'm a full time student at a University and I was able to make $250 just from ChaCha in approximately 23 days.
Considering I've had to go to school, do my research, go to work, and study for exams; that's some pretty fucking good profit if you ask me.
Pretty sure a hobo doesn't even make half that amount in 48 days, but I might be wrong.
You do seem to know a lot about hobos, it's almost as if you were/are one.

#1444394 ..

Posted by CuriousOyster on 25 April 2011 - 05:56 PM

Meerca Menace.
Do I win?
Link: http://www.neopetshi...e/lostsouls.htm

#1443620 Signature of the Week Competition #5

Posted by CuriousOyster on 23 April 2011 - 11:21 PM


You're so... -.-

1. I doubt you made the signature you're entering because I found it on google in like 2 seconds.
Aren't you suppose to make your own signature to enter?
2. I'm not hating on you, or following you, or stalking you, or whatever you say to the people who say anything to you when you're doing stupid fucking shit.

But c'mon now guy, stop. For the sake of Neocodex, stop.
You're really starting to get on a lot of peoples nerves.

#1440920 Y'alll some KIDS! haha

Posted by CuriousOyster on 16 April 2011 - 11:36 PM

I remember my first beer.

#1435589 Transferring np

Posted by CuriousOyster on 05 April 2011 - 11:14 AM

Credits to Jaredennisclark for providing this information:

It depends on how much, and what you're transferring.

If you're transferring pure save it up until one of the following points:

  • 600k - Transfer by gifting a Baby PB
  • 1.7mill - Transfer by gifting Royal PB
  • 7 mill - Transfer by gifting Ghostker Bomb/Ghostker Shield
  • 10 mill - Transfer by gifting Sword of Skardsen
  • 14 mill - Transfer by gifting Pirate Captain's Cutlass
These are all ETS items that maintain their value. Perfect for gifting and quickly reselling afterward.

If you have some random HTS items that you want transferred, just use the Trading Post. Don't overdo it though.


The best method I've found is to have one 'clean' main, two 'clean' shells, and your 'dirty' AB'ing shell(s).

Save up your Neopoints on the 'dirty' AB'ing shell until you can get one of the above ETS items I listed and then gift it to one of your two 'clean' shells. Wait a week or so and then transfer that item from the first 'clean' shell, to the second 'clean' shell. Wait another week or so, and then just gift it over to your main and consider the item secured.

There are a few rules you need to follow using this account-layering technique:
  • ALWAYS use an elite proxy on your two 'clean' shells.
  • NEVER autobuy or cheat in any way on these two 'clean' shells.
  • ALWAYS use a different elite proxy on your main.
You need to make sure the IP's on the AB'ing account, the 'clean' shells, and your main are all different IP's. This makes it look like you're three different people. If you properly use this technique I guarantee that if your AB'ing shell if iced, they wont get to your main. It would look like they were freezing innocent people.

Hope this helped.

#1434643 Free Elite Proxy Giveaway!

Posted by CuriousOyster on 03 April 2011 - 03:17 AM

No longer in service due to the fact that most of the proxies that I have purchased are not working. Some of the proxies that people have received from me have worked, but since majority of them don't work I cant proceed. Sorry for the inconvenience and I really thought this would be great for the community seeing as people are always searching for elite proxies. I would appreciate it if administration could take this thread down asap. Again, sorry to those who didn't receive a working proxy. :crybaby:

#1433765 ChaCha! Get paid for answering questions?

Posted by CuriousOyster on 01 April 2011 - 12:00 AM

Hello Neocodex,
I'm about to tell you a story that has some relevance to this topic.
About a week ago I bought two $25 dollar NC cards, one for me and one for my girlfriend (first time ever buying one with real money). I was so stoked to have 2500 NC pop up on my main account, but that's when disaster struck! I have been cheating on flash games for some time now on a private proxy and I accidentally logged into my main Neopets account with it. At first, I was like no biggie, it's just once right? Wrong, I learned that the hard way. Almost 200 million Neopoints all of a sudden disappeared with this message.
Posted Image

Right then and there I refused to let my $25 dollars go to waste (not to mention 200mil) and I remembered coming across a thread post that informed me about a money making website. I wanted to make back the money that I had just lost really bad quickly without having to wait for my next paycheck. I'm sure many of you know this website, but not sure if you guys knew you could profit off of it, and the website I am referring to is ChaCha. With ChaCha you get trained to become a "guide" also known as "a question answerer" which takes merely 30 minutes of training. Guides make 0.02 (2 cents) per question, which may seem like crap, but when you learn to become quicker at answering questions you can make an average of $3-$4 an hour like I do now. It has been 6 days using ChaCha and I have already made $80, which is pretty good considering I'm a full time student that works 20 hours a week.

The questions that you are required to answer are relatively easy questions and have probably been asked before (ChaCha's database saves previously asked questions) so it's just two clicks to earn 2 cents within 10-20 seconds. Although there are easy questions, there is also some hard ones which you can't find in ChaCha's database, this is when you just send it to another guide and they have to answer it. Best part is, you still get paid to to send it to some one else to answer!

The qualifications to becoming a Guide:
1. You must be 18 years old.
2. You must have a steady home address or bank account (for them to send the money to)
3. You must pass a timed multiple choice test (Google the answers if you don't know it) you get like 5 minutes for 10 easy questions.
4. You must watch the training videos (Only takes you about 20 minutes or so)
5. You must past a readiness test (which is so easy if you pay attention to the training videos)
6. You must use my referral email: [email protected] (Joking; its optional) Although some people say you're more likely to get accepted if you are referred by somebody.
1. What time is the most questions coming in?
-From my experience, the best times is from 12:00pm - 8:00 pm (HST) and 1am-2am (HST)
-ChaCha will inform via email when there's a high amount of traffic. They can also text you (Optional)
2. What's the difference between "points mode" and "cash mode"?
*Status Available : Points mode: Where you compete with other ChaCha guides to make it to the Top 25 (Monthly), the guides that make it to the Top 25 with points will receive double the amount of pay. Unfortunately, if you don't make it to the Top 25 you will only be making around 1.4-1.6cents/ 2 points, which is awful profit. This mode is not recommended if you are only working for a few hours every month because the people who make it to the Top 25 are people who do this shit all day. They're usually stay at home moms that get harassed by their husbands for not having to work. In order to make it to the top it is recommended that you start at the beginning of the month; the 1st. Your points will get converted to cash at the beginning of every month.
*Available (Cash mode): This is where you get paid 2 cents per question no matter what! This is probably the most recommended to people who are doing this part time; people like me and you. There's nothing else to say about this mode, it's just that awesome.
3. Are you given an amount of hours to work like a "real" job?
The answer is no! You can work whenever you want for however long you want! Just make sure you're putting at least eight hours a month and you're fine.
4. I just to the Readiness test, now what?
After taking the Readiness test, you now sit and wait for a couple days before ChaCha gets back to you via email. This usually takes about 2-4 days; however, if it takes over a week. Make sure to notify them and they will tell you if you made the cut. Here's the link: http://knowledgebase...com/contact.php
5. How long does it take for my Quality scores to update?
Quality scores are usually updated every day, but sometimes they may not be updated for a few days. After every week you will get a review on how well you did for the week. You should be getting quality scores at least in the 95% range and Query scores of at least 58% (Means you must answer at least 58% of the answers you receive. I'm not too sure how strict they are on those regulations, but I wouldn't risk it, so just try your best to answer the question to the best of your ability.
(Still updating this thread, may turn it into a guide of some sort if I have time)

Overall, this website is a great way to make money while Abing, and you get paid instantly or every month ( your choice) The link to becoming a guide: http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/
Also, If you need any help understanding any of this better or more examples, you can PM me.
Pictures of some of the questions I get and how I answer them so quickly:

#1414086 Lets talk about Hate

Posted by CuriousOyster on 21 February 2011 - 03:50 PM

With all that poisonous hate in your heart, you must have a constant bitter and miserable taste in your mouth... might wanna focus more on what you love

Oh shut up,
This is the "hate" thread, not the "lets tell everybody what they should focus more on" thread.

#1409077 Your Best AB?

Posted by CuriousOyster on 13 February 2011 - 11:01 PM

Item from Fresh Foods that's supposedly worth 2M according to the Database. Still sitting in my trades. ETS? Bag of Peanuts or ETG.

Loved Pharmacy when the plot was still on. Low profit items like Herbal Scrambled Eggs and Magic Cookies restocked in large quantities. Easy to grab them. I've moved on to Fresh Foods for now. Still do Chocolate, Bakery or Books from time to time.

I dont understand how anybody can stand Abing in Fresh Foods.
First of all, the UBs dont even sell; atleast the ones I still have up in my trades.
Secondly, everyone is in there; even the pope is in there.
Lastly, its just a depressing vibe when I see that nothing over 10k has restocked in the past 2 hours.
Maybe its just me, neopets must know that im a Buddhist and I fast to achieve enlightenment and theyre trying to show me the path to Nirvana by not restocking food.