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Neopet Inquiry Message

19 April 2011 - 04:38 PM

Good evening,

So tonight I checked my email that I don't use for any of my Neopet activities and got this message:
From [email protected]

Posted Image

Even if this was sent to one of my Neopet related emails, I'm not oblivious to the fact that Neopets has their own email and not aol.
They also include banners, pictures, and all sorts of links and crap.
It has come to my suspicion that it must be from someone on Neocodex because I have recently listed my personal email on my profile.
How sad.

Has this happened to anybody else before?

Free Elite Proxy Giveaway!

03 April 2011 - 03:17 AM

No longer in service due to the fact that most of the proxies that I have purchased are not working. Some of the proxies that people have received from me have worked, but since majority of them don't work I cant proceed. Sorry for the inconvenience and I really thought this would be great for the community seeing as people are always searching for elite proxies. I would appreciate it if administration could take this thread down asap. Again, sorry to those who didn't receive a working proxy. :crybaby:

ChaCha! Get paid for answering questions?

01 April 2011 - 12:00 AM

Hello Neocodex,
I'm about to tell you a story that has some relevance to this topic.
About a week ago I bought two $25 dollar NC cards, one for me and one for my girlfriend (first time ever buying one with real money). I was so stoked to have 2500 NC pop up on my main account, but that's when disaster struck! I have been cheating on flash games for some time now on a private proxy and I accidentally logged into my main Neopets account with it. At first, I was like no biggie, it's just once right? Wrong, I learned that the hard way. Almost 200 million Neopoints all of a sudden disappeared with this message.
Posted Image

Right then and there I refused to let my $25 dollars go to waste (not to mention 200mil) and I remembered coming across a thread post that informed me about a money making website. I wanted to make back the money that I had just lost really bad quickly without having to wait for my next paycheck. I'm sure many of you know this website, but not sure if you guys knew you could profit off of it, and the website I am referring to is ChaCha. With ChaCha you get trained to become a "guide" also known as "a question answerer" which takes merely 30 minutes of training. Guides make 0.02 (2 cents) per question, which may seem like crap, but when you learn to become quicker at answering questions you can make an average of $3-$4 an hour like I do now. It has been 6 days using ChaCha and I have already made $80, which is pretty good considering I'm a full time student that works 20 hours a week.

The questions that you are required to answer are relatively easy questions and have probably been asked before (ChaCha's database saves previously asked questions) so it's just two clicks to earn 2 cents within 10-20 seconds. Although there are easy questions, there is also some hard ones which you can't find in ChaCha's database, this is when you just send it to another guide and they have to answer it. Best part is, you still get paid to to send it to some one else to answer!

The qualifications to becoming a Guide:
1. You must be 18 years old.
2. You must have a steady home address or bank account (for them to send the money to)
3. You must pass a timed multiple choice test (Google the answers if you don't know it) you get like 5 minutes for 10 easy questions.
4. You must watch the training videos (Only takes you about 20 minutes or so)
5. You must past a readiness test (which is so easy if you pay attention to the training videos)
6. You must use my referral email: [email protected] (Joking; its optional) Although some people say you're more likely to get accepted if you are referred by somebody.
1. What time is the most questions coming in?
-From my experience, the best times is from 12:00pm - 8:00 pm (HST) and 1am-2am (HST)
-ChaCha will inform via email when there's a high amount of traffic. They can also text you (Optional)
2. What's the difference between "points mode" and "cash mode"?
*Status Available : Points mode: Where you compete with other ChaCha guides to make it to the Top 25 (Monthly), the guides that make it to the Top 25 with points will receive double the amount of pay. Unfortunately, if you don't make it to the Top 25 you will only be making around 1.4-1.6cents/ 2 points, which is awful profit. This mode is not recommended if you are only working for a few hours every month because the people who make it to the Top 25 are people who do this shit all day. They're usually stay at home moms that get harassed by their husbands for not having to work. In order to make it to the top it is recommended that you start at the beginning of the month; the 1st. Your points will get converted to cash at the beginning of every month.
*Available (Cash mode): This is where you get paid 2 cents per question no matter what! This is probably the most recommended to people who are doing this part time; people like me and you. There's nothing else to say about this mode, it's just that awesome.
3. Are you given an amount of hours to work like a "real" job?
The answer is no! You can work whenever you want for however long you want! Just make sure you're putting at least eight hours a month and you're fine.
4. I just to the Readiness test, now what?
After taking the Readiness test, you now sit and wait for a couple days before ChaCha gets back to you via email. This usually takes about 2-4 days; however, if it takes over a week. Make sure to notify them and they will tell you if you made the cut. Here's the link: http://knowledgebase...com/contact.php
5. How long does it take for my Quality scores to update?
Quality scores are usually updated every day, but sometimes they may not be updated for a few days. After every week you will get a review on how well you did for the week. You should be getting quality scores at least in the 95% range and Query scores of at least 58% (Means you must answer at least 58% of the answers you receive. I'm not too sure how strict they are on those regulations, but I wouldn't risk it, so just try your best to answer the question to the best of your ability.
(Still updating this thread, may turn it into a guide of some sort if I have time)

Overall, this website is a great way to make money while Abing, and you get paid instantly or every month ( your choice) The link to becoming a guide: http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/
Also, If you need any help understanding any of this better or more examples, you can PM me.
Pictures of some of the questions I get and how I answer them so quickly:

Abrosia Help

24 January 2011 - 01:53 PM

So for the past 3 days i've been leaving my abrosia on at night and i wake up to no items bought and abrosia stuck on the (Magical Bookstore) 100/1500 or w/e
I dont understand why my abrosia keeps freezing -.-
Can anybody help me?
Should i just reinstall it or something?

Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3/XBOX/PC

16 January 2011 - 08:21 PM

So this topic will only really make sence to you if you play Black Ops Online (Duh)
I noticed that different people use different perk setups for different reasons and its interesting to see what you people use for your "Gaming Style"
My set up is usually:

Perk 1: Ghost Pro - So I don't show up on enemy radar (Perfect perk if it wasn't for Blackbird Killstreak -.-)

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro - For faster reloading and aiming (A must if playing aggressively and/or loud)
Perk 3: Ninja Pro- I like to play silently simply because I am a sound hoar and im constantly listening for footsteps and suppressed fire nearby :p

Weapon: I like to play pretty agressively with either a Suppressed Galil, AK74u with grip (I know your vagina hurts but you dont have to flame me about using the AK74u, i think we've all heard it all), or for fun i like to takeout the stakeout and go on a rampage :D

Lemme know what your favorite set-ups are and if you'd like to jam with me online add the PSN usernames below, i like to play ground war, tdm, and SnD (No i don't have XBOX live)

PSN: Microlights
PSN: StinkySlippahz808

Have a good day Neocodex members~