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#2020005 New Private Leader!

Posted by Amarillo on 18 March 2018 - 09:27 PM

Congrats Swar ! now rule all purple asses. 


Posted by Amarillo on 18 March 2018 - 07:53 AM

Happy Bday grinch :) 

#2019324 A message from your friendly neighbourhood Admin

Posted by Amarillo on 09 March 2018 - 11:12 AM

I think that .. I’m probably not the best person to run things as I don’t know many people here.

I will run it if nobody else wants to, but does anyone else want to?

Another suggestion that I have is to have a topic/area for people to post their social media. I was just reading through the other thread and Ladida’s post made a lot of sense. People are on social media. I won’t talk to any of you on here, but I would talk to you on SnapChat, for example. I’ve also lost touch with quite a few of you since deleting my Facebook 8 months ago. In the old days, everyone on here spoke over msn (pls no old timers bringing up embarrassing convos I’ll kms). Now, nobody talks over things like msn. It’s all over social media. Maybe find a way to link it all together as well? Like an Instagram group chat/Facebook group chat/SnapChat group. I feel like those would get so much more attention and activity than something like your discord or whatever. For those of us that are on those social media platforms either way. It’s convenient. It’s easy.


hey if you need help with codies (like making awards, doing gfx, etc) im available 

#2018845 SOTW #139

Posted by Amarillo on 27 February 2018 - 07:50 PM

donating 500k nps 

#2016556 Staff Changes

Posted by Amarillo on 20 October 2017 - 08:02 PM

Congrats girls ! 

#2016204 Neopet's dickish hints of a new plot (war) in November

Posted by Amarillo on 06 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

plot for xmas... or fyora's day


JS is too slow 

#2012786 Newest Purple Private...

Posted by Amarillo on 25 July 2017 - 05:02 PM

Congrats !

#2011949 Customization Contest #49 - Game of Thrones

Posted by Amarillo on 20 July 2017 - 03:30 AM

Meh... I just don't get it/ never been interested.


^This. i dont like GoT


Also donating 500k Nps


Posted by Amarillo on 07 July 2017 - 08:52 AM


#2011385 when do you think neopets will die?

Posted by Amarillo on 07 July 2017 - 08:48 AM

When I stop hearing about the Kardashians in the news.


Kardashians are pure evil and inmortals. Neo too. . 

#2011186 Caption Contest #40 .:[Voting]:.

Posted by Amarillo on 04 July 2017 - 06:53 PM

"who needs tits when you have pecs?"



too late to submit that? haha 

#2010868 Caption Contest 40

Posted by Amarillo on 29 June 2017 - 02:53 PM

im trying to write something funny... :( 

#2010813 June/July: Private Applications Open

Posted by Amarillo on 28 June 2017 - 01:35 PM

My time to shine has come ! 

#2002506 Happy Birthday, Kate!

Posted by Amarillo on 04 March 2017 - 03:47 PM

Happy Bday Kate, Mom, Tauriel, etc ! :D 

#1999946 Merry Birthday Coops!!!

Posted by Amarillo on 15 January 2017 - 10:20 PM

happy bday you sexy cat