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#1532132 Which one it's your favorite Youtube video?

Posted by Rikku on 26 November 2011 - 09:03 PM

perhaps not a funny one, but a video that i'll never forget.

#1513651 I'm a cheater.

Posted by Rikku on 27 September 2011 - 07:17 PM

well at least he admits it.. unlike thousands of other people who simply take the programs and run.

#1497301 New Plot?

Posted by Rikku on 07 August 2011 - 11:27 PM

damn!!!!!!! i was hoping for 10x10 grid with another weird crew member!!!!

Oh well.... all good things must come to an end I suppose.

#1497092 New Plot?

Posted by Rikku on 07 August 2011 - 10:19 AM

I made a board on neo about this about a week ago. Everyone who participated for the entire duration of this "Event" seems to have 11 islands to retrieve. My advice to you: If at all possible, make sure to solve the last sudoku puzzle as soon as it comes out tomorrow, in case only the first ______ people that do get a secret avatar or something like that like in the MI plot years ago.

Just out of curiosity, do you think that that there is still someone out there with this avatar: Posted Image i mean only 100 people got it in the first place!

#1481150 Advanced Membership Requirements Changed

Posted by Rikku on 07 July 2011 - 01:01 PM

What a HUGE improvement over our current system! Although I do have to agree with one point that someone already made: I think there should be a way for us to tell between the people who actually contribute and work hard, and thouse who just have access to their parent's credit card.

Also i'm all in for demotions, there are currently almost 500 advanced members according to our memeber listings, i'm sure that less than 10% of them are actually currently active..

#1471365 Lending BGC

Posted by Rikku on 17 June 2011 - 09:16 PM

why would anyone want a bgc? it's a terrible weapon. you should lend rainbow scrolls instead. :thumbsup:

Please tell me you meant that as a joke because i just about died laughing.

#1211600 New and Improved Guide To Autobuying! Abrosia Style!

Posted by Rikku on 07 September 2009 - 06:46 PM

you guys could always +rep me if you liked the guide.. i just noticed that we even had a rep system... >.<

not that we even use the rep system.. I think

#916188 New and Improved Guide To Autobuying! Abrosia Style!

Posted by Rikku on 25 July 2007 - 11:25 AM

woaw.. it got pinned @[email protected] wasn't expecting that... /complaining

thanks to who ever did that.. Mr.Hobo prolly tongue.gif

#916162 New and Improved Guide To Autobuying! Abrosia Style!

Posted by Rikku on 25 July 2007 - 10:51 AM

Rikku's ABing Guide (Updated September 2011)
By: Rikku


Ever wondered how all of us Neo-Billionares make all of our money? Ever wonder why you can never get a really expensive item that you want out of the main shops? In this guide you will learn the answers to all of these questions, and more. My main priority here however, will be to teach you how to efficiently use an ABer to get you filthy rich on Neopets and not get caught doing it. You will also learn about the different types of ABing on Neopets, and how to use them to your advantage. There are 3 things I will suggest you do before starting this guide though. Get really familiar with the site, this way you know what you're doing and not just simply flying through the guide hoping for the best. Read my other guide on how to start out on Neopets, which will also reinforce your familiarity with the site. And finally it will be in your interest to start this program with an older account, as compared to starting it with a 3 week old one. I will explain the reasoning for this later. Also if you do not understand any of the abbreviations I'm using, please just Google them, it's not that hard.

Main Shop ABing Intro!

This is it!! This is how most of the more experienced players on Neo make make millions of NP almost every week. This is also how most of the BDers afford their ridiculously overpriced weapons. Main shop ABing is one of 2 main types of ABing. It greatly differs from the other type, UABing, so it will require special training.

What is it?

Well, the name does kind of give it away. ABing is nothing more than buying items from Neopets' main shops for a super low price and reselling them for thousands more. Now you didn't think that I was going to tell you to sit in front of your computer all day and refresh on the same page all day long did you? No, AutoBuying, with just a click of a button will buy things for you. Why doesn't everyone do this you may ask? Well that's simple, it's because not everyone has access to a well made, working ABer that won't get you iced in minutes. Here on NeoCodex however, we have an extremely fast, incredibly well programmed, and a very human like Aber, Abrosia. Here at NeoCodex anyone can download and use the "trial" version until they reach Advanced Member rank by making 500 non Spam posts. The trial version is basically the full version of Abrosia it just has a few restrictions built in ensuring the safety of those who are new to ABing.

Getting Started

First thing is first, you need a working ABer, and by now I will assume that you have one. Get to know it a little and see what it has to offer. But don't quite start using it, I'm sure you don't know what all of the buttons do... yet. As I mentioned in the intro, you should have a good 100k by now, so if you haven't done so already, make a shop and increase it's size a little. A shop size 10 should do you just fine, unless you feel like you need a bigger one, you shouldn't have to worry about this aspect of the game for a long time. Your shop is crucial to your success in this "business" because this is where you will sell MOST of your items for large profits.

Now we're almost ready to start! Make sure that the ABer you have is a quality one, there are some key features one should have to work well and protect you from getting iced.... often. Your ABer should have the following: Proxy Support- This is crucial to keeping your account safe, without this you might as well tell TNT that you're Abing. List of Shops to Choose From- Unless you want to be severely limited to what you can do. You want your ABer to have a spot for you to put in what shop you want to buy at and when it should refresh and how often it should refresh. Log- You absolutely can't live without this, You have to know what you bought, for how much, and when the Aber did so. Some kind of feature that stops the ABer for a while, or puts it to sleep, while you are Restock banned. If it doesn't you can bet you little ass that you'll be frozen when TNT sees you refreshing like mad in an empty shop for 3 hours(or more). Some other small things are nice too, but I can't be bothered to list them all.

Disclaimer: Abrosia has all of these features and more! Abrosia also has a built in list of shops. So you don't have to worry about going to each shop and getting the # out of the URL every single time.

Abrosia Explained

Logging In:



Common Question # 1




Yes, Iwas trying to add music to this one and make it a bit more exiting.. I didn't work to well but I tried ok? I will always appreciate people giving me creative criticism and telling me how to make better vids. If anyone would like to see me make a vid of something I'll be more than happy to jsut PM me or post it somewhere that I will see it.

This is why I love Abrosia! It can literally do just about anything that a human can. This aspect of the Ab makes it really hard to detect allowing your account to stay safe. Of course the Aber is only as good as it's operator and the settings that you use. In this Video I will try and show you how to set up Abrosia so that you hopefully don't get frozen.

I know that I already explained this in the videos, but for everyone's sake I'll write out some of the more commonly used settings.

Wait Delay- Tells the Aber how long to wait before it refreshes in the shops. The smaller the Numbers the better chance you have of getting something good, you also have a better chance of getting iced ;P. Standard settings should be set to around 5-14 seconds.

PreHaggle/ OCR Delay: Leave these alone. They are perfectly fine the way they are.

RS Ban Check: Checks if you are RS banned every ____ Minutes. Set this to anywhere between 20-45 mins. your choice.

Haggle Algorithm: Use the Smart one. Set this to anywhere between 1-5

The rest of this is really all self explanatory. I could not make it any easier for you guys.

I guess my last piece of advice would be: please use common sense. These settings are not the law, meaning that if you have an user slow connection, you can lower the PreHaggle/OCR Delay and the Wait delay and vice versa. All you are trying to do is make it look human.


This is important! Unless you are on a suicide mission and want to get frozen I suggest you read through these and follow them very closely!

  • Don't mess with setting if you have no idea what they do!
  • Don't leave your AutoBuyer on for an incredibly long amount of time. By incredibly long I mean more than 3-4 hours.
  • Don's set the page refresh rate to 0-5 seconds. Sure you will probably make about 3 mil in the first 2 hours. That is if your account lasts that long.
  • Don't go out and surf the Neopets website while you have the AutoBuyer running.
  • Don's Ab for 14 hours a day. Be realistic. Set a time in your head that you would normally RS and run the ABer then. Try not to AB for more then 6-7 hours a day.
  • I know that in the Vid i used shop # 2 as the example, but there are certain shops that spell certain doom for an Aber. These shops are the Magic Shop, Stamp Shop, and the Weapons shop.
  • Do not, under any circumstance leak this program.

These rules are in place for a reason. If you choose not to abide by them you will probably get frozen and loose all of the profits you made with Abarosa in the first place. Just remember it's better to be safe then sorry.

Things to do to help you not get iced

I know someone has already written an excellent guide on this so I will just link it HERE.

Account Age Restrictions

One last thing before I forget, Your account age greatly effects what kind of items you will be able to buy. The older your account is, the higher rarity items you will be able to see in Neopet's Main Shops. This is how the system works:

10 days----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity84 and under
16 days----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity89 and under
1 month----------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity94 and under
3 months--------Buy anything from the Main Shops Rarity99 and under
4 months--------Buy anything from the Main Shops (No Restrictions)

That about sums it all up for regular Abing. All you have to do now is sell the items in the shop that you created, or if the item is UB you can sell it at the TP. Before long, you should have a few mil on hand no problem at all.

Update! August 2011

Ok well, I thought I would go back and finally take the time to update this guide a bit. First and foremost, most of the information provided is still correct, so therefor no change is necessary. I did however come up with a new slick way to make ABing look a bit more legit. So without any further to do, i'll do my best to explain it to you.

On a side note, this is not for the "set it and forget it" type of person, but rather for those of us who want to make it look legit, and not get frozen every 2 months.

My idea is simple, start out with 2 accounts. Set Abrosia to AB in a shop of your choosing, but DO NOT START IT YET! Now with your second account, log into Neo, and sit and refresh in that same shop. You can even try to buy some of the items to free up room for when a restock comes. The whole idea of this is to try to time when the restock is going to come, if you see that a lot of the items are gone from the shop, and that it hasn't RS'ed in say 20 mins, quickly go and start Abrosia. As soon as you see that the shop has restocked, go see if you got lucky and turn Abrosia off again. Simply continue this process until you are satisfied with the results. In my opinion, this actually accomplishes 2 things: 1 it gives you the feeling of semi legitly RSing, which a lot of people enjoy doing. 2 is lets you set your Abrosia settings a bit higher, because the Autobuyer wont be constantly refreshing in the shop, so you shouldn't get banned nearly as often. and 3 it also makes it look a lot more legit, because to TNT, it will look like you're actually taking breaks after every restock.

Well once again, enjoy! Let me know if you guys have any questions!!!!


There are only two pieces of advice I'd like to leave you guys with now. First being DON"T ABUSE THE PROGRAMS!!!! It's better to settle for smaller profits than to make millions and loose it all the next day!!! You've been warned! And second isn't really advice, but good luck to everyone!!! As this requires a great deal of it to be truly successful. I hope you enjoyed this guide! Please leave comments, and suggestions! Creative criticism is always welcome.

List of Other Helpful Guides:

Here is another great Abrosia Guide! If I missed anything, or something is not clear, this is a great resource!


As usual, please do not use this guide anywhere but here on NeoCodex. It was written by me (Rikku) and I have full copyrights to this guide. Please do not post this anywhere outside of this website without my permission. You can link people to this guide but please do not actually post it anywhere else. Thanks!

Rikku of NeoCodex, I singlehandedly wrote this. Please do not claim at as your own. If you find any errors in here please PM me so I can fix them, credit will be given.
Google: For helping me find the account ages+restrictions for Restocking :p
ShadowLink64 & Laser Wave for making the most outstanding Aber that has ever seen the light of day.
Everyone Else who helped them work on the item database, without which none of this would be possible.
Hydro- for running the best Neo site in the world.

+ Rep if you liked it or if it helped you get started! Thank you for reading!