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Awkward Everyday Stuff > 2017 According To the Hunger Game's Distant Uncle That No One Talks About

Posted 09 March 2017

This is from the 1989 movie "The Running Man" with a tight Arnold Schwarzenegger in an equally tight yellow jumpsuit. A good cheese film so much so the lactose intolerant would enjoy it. In a dystopian society, Schwarzenegger's character gets framed for mass murder through the same television techniques that mak...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > How do you respond to this:

Posted 06 January 2017

"You remind me of my best friend who killed themselves." 
Seriously, how?

Awkward Everyday Stuff > a succinct metaphor for inescapable emptiness

Posted 10 November 2016

That was an edgy title, right? Good shit, I just thought of it right now. I know how most of you function. It's edgy or nothing for the lot of y'all bottomless holes for entertainment and good self-esteem. 
As many of you've probably figured out, the reason why I asked such weird questions is because I face similar situations in my real life and want...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > Admit it: You're dumb and lazy.

Posted 27 May 2016

Brace yourself. This is yet another of my trademark puzzles. There's no prize for this one, but at the same time, I will never confirm if your answer is correct. However, if you need the answer with haphazard diagrams and minimum explanations poorly demonstrating the logic, I'll sell you the answer for 50 USD through paypal. I am not shitting you. I want...

Awkward Everyday Stuff > "A love story" by Kelvin

Posted 17 May 2016

They both fell silent, blinking. 
It took a second for Jamie to process that Taylor was underneath him after the sudden fall. To retain as much dignity as possible, he sprung upward, but Jamie felt belted down by two slender arms. 
"Where's the rush?" Taylor's tongue smoothly flitted along two rosy lips. 
Jamie felt a chill. Something bad w...