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how to modify this score sender script? (greasemonkey)

04 September 2017 - 12:30 AM

I would like to use this old scoresender that is using a captcha feature, but it seems to be broken.


// @name           Neopets : Avatars Flash Games [BETA]
// @author         w35l3y



ShowMyCode project was closed. More info here.


Is there a way to turn it off? (what part of the script should I be removing?)



In the script there is this area:


var groups = [{
                            '<th class="confirmation-2"><img src="http://www.showmycode.com/?c" id="image_captcha" /></th><td colspan="2" class="confirmation-2"><input id="field_captcha" name="captcha" maxlength="1" /></td><th class="confirmation">Params</th><td class="confirmation aleft" id="label_opts"><span class="red">0|0|0|||</span></td>',
                            '<th colspan="3" class="acenter confirmation-2">Captcha</th><th class="confirmation">Username&nbsp;</th><td class="confirmation aleft" id="label_username">' + usern + '</td>',






If anyone could help :,3


Thank you

Cheating with a Mac

03 September 2017 - 05:39 AM

Hello, I have decided to come back after a while :)


But I am still using a Mac.... And lots of goodies are unavailable for me.


My greasemonkey score sender doesn't seem to work anymore (the captcha won't show)


And I'm having trouble with Cheat Engine for AoB (it use to run just fine, but now it won't find the "FlashPlayerPlugin")


Are there any other easy alternatives? Or can these be fixed (broken code or something?)


Thank you! :)


(I did look on the search bar 'cheating mac', but there wasn't much information)