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In Topic: Here's a list of how to transfer items from shells to your main!

09 September 2012 - 07:49 AM

Hi there, I have a question. I've been using a proxy on my shell to ab and a proxy to access neopets on that shell account. Recently no proxy I enter into the FireFox settings will let me go to any webpage so I had to just stick with my regular ip to access the shell account with all the items. Do you think there is a great chance in TNT seeing that I've accessed the shell from two ips, one of which I use to access my main? Also if anyone has an answer to my FireFox proxy problem, that would be greatly appreciated. (:

In Topic: What Neopets games do you actually enjoy playing?

09 September 2012 - 07:45 AM

Hannah and The Ice Caves
Chia Bomber