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danibanani's Blog > Shopping with children. It's not easy, I don't need your dirty looks.

Posted 23 May 2015

Today at Walmart, I went shopping with both of my kids. My oldest has ADHD and I have gone without medicating her since she is only five, and she may grow out of it. Change of diet is what has helped, but days are still really tough with her. It also doesn't help living with mental illness yourself, to keep your cool and not turn into a raging psychopath,...

danibanani's Blog > Bees. It's okay to be scared.

Posted 21 May 2015

So yesterday after having had the most scary experience of my life, I felt the need to record it and share with everyone.

I'm deathly allergic to bumble bees. I could die if not given a shot right away, or taken to the emergency room. I stepped on one when I was little, and thank god for my grandparents. They knew what to do, before they anyone even kne...