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Brain Dumps > My Time.

Posted 04 November 2015

As you all know I'm in the USAF, and I struggle with something every single day -- is this whole experience worth my time?
A little background -- I'm currently a C-130H Crew Chief, or more commonly known as, in the civilian world, an aircraft mechanic.
This is my plane: Built in 1986. Aircraft 0413 (86-0413).


Brain Dumps > My Refractive Surgery

Posted 04 July 2014

I'm sure a few of you are tired of reading about me getting my eyes corrected by means of a laser. However I've had a few requests to divulge what information I've gathered based on my experiences thus far. I only have knowledge of two forms of refractive surgery, and those are: PRK and LASIK.

Obviously PRK/LASIK are procedures that are done to your eyes...

Brain Dumps > Arkansas Adventures v1 [Bandwidth Heavy]

Posted 21 April 2013

http://sphotos-a.xx....618128969_n.jpg Caution:  These pictures are large and will take up your bandwidth.   The terrible state of Arkansas (pronounced Ark-an-saw) is missing many things like: intelligent people, safe roads and KFC. One thing this state is not lacking is gorgeous views of nature and the opportun...