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How many Chomby Stamps left?

28 December 2015 - 08:48 AM

So,  I have 270+ Chomby Stamps -  There are only 34 left on the shop wizzard  (3.4m total to buy)...


Only 6 or so on the TP -   How many more do you think are in existence and on active accounts...




Seems like it could be quite the item to manipulate over the next X months

New member <

08 December 2015 - 12:14 PM

Hi,  So I'm new around here...


I played Neo on and off for almost 15 years   (5,078 days -  I know this,  as I signed up the same day I signed up for Runescape -  and that's how old my Runescape account is ;)..)


Many accounts made, many banned.  Billions made,  billions lost...  I was a member of Darkztar but that place seems defunct now,  so here I am.



Coming back to Neopets after recently maxing on Runescape, and seriously cannot be arsed to get the completion's requirements just yet.


If I manage to scrape together enough NP in the short term to start AB'ing then I'll grab the "advanced" membership and get on it.




Nice to be here anyway.







I also play alot of Hearthstone,  LoL  (both EU,  if anybody wants to play give me a shout)








Also -  When I say new,  I signed up in 2011 :D   -  But never started.