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#1642982 Neocodex RemoteControl Released

Posted by Metigue on 27 December 2012 - 05:32 PM

I remember you talking about this years ago Slinky, glad to see you finally managed to Implement it :)

#1596865 SOTW #38

Posted by Metigue on 17 June 2012 - 04:18 AM

Posted Image

I gave it my best.

#1593381 Am I going to get chain iced?

Posted by Metigue on 06 June 2012 - 08:32 PM

If you are flagged and someone is looking into the possibility of you autobuying, they will see the duplicate IPs and chain ice you.

A marital affairs analogy:
If you arrive home 40 minutes late because you were cheating on your wife, and say you were with the lads. Only if she thinks you're cheating will she check if you were with the lads xD

#1592997 Recommend a password manager

Posted by Metigue on 05 June 2012 - 08:58 PM

Windows I hear is good

#1587299 Alot of neocodex users troll or get pissed off too easy

Posted by Metigue on 20 May 2012 - 06:53 AM

I can't even more over.

#1584640 My Magic Shop Suicide

Posted by Metigue on 14 May 2012 - 07:29 AM

I am only going to autobuy in magic until I get frozen. What follows is my log:

pre-haggle + OCR < 0.75
Refresh rate: 2-4 seconds
Attic: 0.5 - 1

Some may view these settings as "Suicide" especially in a high profile shop such as magic.

May 14th:
6 hours overnight: 2 unbuyables only. Profit: 1m
Running again now
4 Unbuyables so far. Profit: 600k
Missed Royal Boy Kyrii Morphing Potion: Sold out. (Est. Profit: 3920441 NP)
Changed buy times to <0.75[

Total profit so far: 1.6m
Total buys: 6
Of which were attic: 3
Profit from attic: 400k
Profit from magic: 1.2m

Edit: Frozen
Buys with 1.5 = 6
Buys with <0.75 = 0
Buys with <0.1 = 0

#1584383 How much have you spent at the NC mall?

Posted by Metigue on 13 May 2012 - 02:21 PM


#1584268 Too incredible for words

Posted by Metigue on 13 May 2012 - 09:33 AM

Yeah but her parents probably beat her every time she plays a note wrong

#1583996 Is makeup really improve looks? According to this - Yes!

Posted by Metigue on 12 May 2012 - 06:02 AM

Is grammar really improve title?

#1581788 Who should be considered Upstanding Codexians?

Posted by Metigue on 07 May 2012 - 11:05 AM

Back on topic, I nominate myself for a 2nd time because I clearly can stand up, therefore I am upstanding. :)

#1581437 Who should be considered Upstanding Codexians?

Posted by Metigue on 06 May 2012 - 06:27 PM

if any of you have read The Great Gatsby, I'd be Gatsby to this proverbial West Egg

#1362341 Can people do me a small favour? :D

Posted by Metigue on 14 November 2010 - 12:23 PM

You looked asianly epic as the "you're not cool enough" guy xD

I liked the "Hwaiting!" part too xD

#1229884 The easiest way to get NC without paying for it.

Posted by Metigue on 12 November 2009 - 12:13 AM

Items you will need:
Mozilla firefox
10 minutes

You can download mozilla here:

You can download roboform here:

You can download Hotspot shield here:

Step 1: Setup RoboForm
When installing roboform be sure to check the box that says install on firefox:

Posted Image

When it's installed, open up firefox and you should see a bar at the top, you can turn off every feature apart from the personal profile for quick form filling as thats all we need, but now we need to setup a personal profile, so hover over the green icon and select edit like so:

Posted Image

Now you should see this form, fill everything out with FAKE INFORMATION I.e. Ex girlfriends phone number :)
(Note: you only really need to fill out the first page, the others aren't likely to come up in the surveys we will be doing)

Posted Image

Step 2: Sign up with prizerebel
Prizerebel is by far the easiest way to get online items without spending your own money or clicking on a billion links.

Here is my refferal link, I would appreciate it if you used it :) (We would both get more points)


USE A REAL E-MAIL or you wont be able to recieve your code.

Then, just pick a 1 point survey and use roboform to complete it, it should take you under a minute per survey, also look for keywords like "Sign up" when it tells you what you have to do under the survey,

A 10$ Neopets card is 9 points. And for proof that prizerebel actually gives there prizes:

Dear David,
Your prize request for $10 Ultimate Game Card has been approved!
The code given for the prize you requested is: ****-****-****-****
Thank you,

Step 3: Even more automation.

Download iMacros for firefox here:

As most surveys are quite generic, start one up, then just press record on iMacros and do it once properly, then replay it for all other similar surveys.


More tips
Alt and - or +
will automatically select no or yes to everything on a page.

#1221963 Making a Petpage.....

Posted by Metigue on 17 October 2009 - 05:13 AM

I see from your petpage, you found out how to do it xD

But for future reference, to add an image to a petpage, you use this code:

<img src="http://imagelink.png" border="0">

#1212172 [Guide] How to be irresistable

Posted by Metigue on 09 September 2009 - 11:29 AM

Player Metigue's guide to attracting Women

Step one: Appearance and smell

Contrary to popular belief your smell is actually much more important then your appearance.
This is due to the natural pheromones contained in sweat.
I know what your thinking.. but I wear deoderant to stop sweat from stinking, right?

Wrong. Sweat does not naturally smell bad

Posted Image


Impurities are filtered out through your skin causing Acne, bad complection, dry skin,

oily skin and any skin problems really. They also are released through sweat, causing your sweat to smell awful.

The golden diet to perfect skin and an amazing scent that women wont know is effecting them:

Bold is for perfect skin
Italics for nice smelling sweat

No Milk
No White Sugar

No White Flour
No Red Meat

Posted Image

I tried this diet (and still use it), and I can honestly say it had AMAZING results, and in such a short time aswell.
The key to accelerating this diet is drinking lots of water, this helps to cleanse impurities.

Reasons why NOT to use de-oderants
When you use a deoderant, you are putting on someone elses scent, Womans instincts notice men by there smells,
you will just be another average person to them.

Posted Image

I can't do this diet, what are my alternatives?
Well in a poll done recently, not by me but by the new york times I think.
The scent that 70% of women preffered on men was Liquorrice.
So buy liquorice Gum next time your out, it works.

Posted Image

What does this diet and your sweat have to do with Love at first site?
"Love at first site" is just when your nose catches someones pheromones, It's a rare occurence because of the immense ammount of impurities in westernised food these days, However, with this golden diet, your pheromones will be out on display, girls will instantly be attracted to you and not know why, and ones that catch it full on will feel like they are in love with you.

Posted Image

Other benefits of the diet
As I said earlier, this diet will give you perfect complection, and if you suffer from spots or acne, completely remove all signs of it.
This already puts you ahead of 9/10 the men if your a teenager, and 2/3 if your older.But don't forget you have your trump card amazing scent now.

Posted Image

Step 2: The charm
There are many ways to "Charm" someone, I use the "Dazzle" method and that is the one I will teach you.

In all of the techniques I say below, you are the flame, they are the moth.
You are irresistable to them. Remember that.

Dazzling a girl is really trying to make them speechless, but act as if you don't know what your doing to them.
if you can get a girl to hyperventilate you are an awesome dazzler. I will discuss the techniques used in dazzling below.

Glued eyes
This works very well if you have very nice eyes like mine (light Grey that change colour)
Look into there eyes, even if they look away and blush, carry on. Girls love to know that you find them fascinating, stare as if your trying to figure them out, not to intensely as to freak them out, you don't want that, if you have to look away, do it very slowly, as if in longing.

Posted Image

I love to couple this move with what I like to call the "Exam" and alot of girls tend to kiss me while I try this, and if they don't, they usually start to hyperventilate

The Exam
When they look away or focus on something else, move in close, so your about 2 - 3 inches away from there face, and when they turn back just stare into there eyes, again as if your trying to figure them out, gradually move closer, not to fast as to say "I'm going for a kiss" you may want to tilt your head a bit, it helps for me, then when your about an inch away, slowly.. very slowly smile (Dazzle smile if you can) and then look away, and move back at normal speed. If she asks what you were doing, say you were just trying to figure her out. Girls love to think they fascinate you.

Posted Image

Dazzle smile
I mentioned this earlier, whenever you see your "person of fascination" smile, very slowly as if you and her are the only two people in the world, it's very hard to describe, but when you try it you will know what I mean.

Posted Image

Alto voice
Whenever you are trying to "Dazzle" someone, try and raise your voice an octave, or just a few semitones, depending on your voice. Make it as soft and gentle as possible, yet smooth and carressing. (Again hard to describe)

Breath kiss
I reccomend this for people on the diet, or if you are using liquorice chewing gum. (It might not be your girls flavour though) I use this for first kisses, or when I want sex without the hassle of warming them up,go in slowly, although not as slowly as you did with "The Exam" Pause just before there lips, so there centimeters away and let them come to you, be as gentle as you can, like a butterfly landing on a leaf, and be slow, prolong the gentle touch, then just as you exit the kiss, open your mouth a slight bit and breathe, if your on the diet, this is like a Syrringe of endorphons straight into there blood stream, it makes them go absolutely crazy, they will probably try and kiss you again. Your on your own from there ;)

Posted Image

Mystery man
If she starts asking questions about you, which is only natural if she is attracted to you, be as vague as possible in the awnsers or say "It's complicated" or change the subject. Say you would much rather talk about her if she openly questions you about this, and remember girls love fascination in them. The way this works is that girls naturally imprint the perfect guy on the parts of you they don't know, Strangers are much more fun ;)

Ignorance is bliss
This is only for experienced Dazzlers, or people that followed the diet, if you did either of these your girl will want to be around you all the time, ignore her! it sounds stupid but girls are attracted to guys that don't have alot of time for them, or that are always busy. Try and not to talk to her for a day if you two are close, longer if you barely know each-other, this will make them miss you, which is often confused for romantic feelings. Being on msn and not saying Hi is always good xD, if they say Hi then act AFK.There are more, but this should be all you need.

Step 3 is great lover, but this is an incredibly long step and not completely necessary.
if you want to try it though, learn Tantra.

Made by Metigue
Copyright © Metigue 2009