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Codex Murder Mystery #2 - The Final Solution

01 July 2018 - 03:17 PM

I thought it might be fun to talk you guys through this, since no one managed to complete it, and in fact only a couple of people even made it to the second set of questions!
To recap, someone was murdered in an old mansion and you guys had to discover the answers to a series of questions that would lead you to the killer and their motive. The questions themselves, once answered by somebody, would open up more blog entries (or rooms) from which to gather clues and solve puzzles. There were also a heck of a lot of red herrings and dead ends :D I did my best to make the puzzles and clues at least semi-logical, although some suspension of disbelief was definitely required. Fun fact, I also threw away my notes a while back so I'm having to redecipher a few of the things I can't immediately remember :D
Please note, I'm going to explain them in "perfect" order, so things make more sense instead of doing too much referring back and forth. However, when actually solving the puzzles organically, it'd be much more likely to make a partial solve and figure out you needed more information of a certain kind - for example, finding the vigenere cipher in the Boiler Room and having to hunt down the keycode in order to decipher it!
So, the first question was "Where is the butler's key?" and was the only thing able to be answered on day 1. At this point, you only had access to The Drawing RoomThe OfficeThe Wine CellarThe Solarium, and The Armory.


Finding the key unlocked The Kitchen, The Boiler Room, The Nursery and The North Guest Bedroom. It also enabled you to find the clues to answer questions two and three. First, "What is the murder weapon?".

Question three, required to unlock the next set of rooms and questions was "Where is the victim's dossier?"

Nailing down the location of the dossier opened up The Aldercombe Study, The Library, and The Darkroom.The next question that demanded answers was "Who is the killer?"

In order to unlock the next location, the secret passage, you first had to find it's entrance. "How do you access the secret passage?"

Now that we can access The Secret Passage, we have to find the where the killer moved the body from to conceal their crime. "Where did the murder take place?"

Now, to unlock the final question and solve the whole damn thing, we must first discover "What is the code to the safe, and where is it?"

Now The Safe Box is opened, all that remains it to figure out "Why is Gamora?". "What was the motive?"


Everything I didn't mention was a red herring :D The various knives throughout the mansion, the alchemical symbols in the Drawing Room? All false leads! Muahaha!

And there you have it. One very convoluted murder mystery. Pow.

So what've you all been up to?

13 June 2018 - 09:10 AM

I've been pretty busy. Same job, but bought a house and a new (to me) car. I think I bought the house before I was last here though, so I might have mentioned that already.


Still married, still playing WoW.


Same, mostly.


I hear Laser is gone, according to these Codies. What's up with that?

Codex Murder Mystery #2 - The Game is Afoot!

21 August 2017 - 04:51 PM



Sign-ups are now officially closed!

(You can still join in, but you may have missed points and you won't be on the guest list!)

The game has begun!


General Game Rules


Sweeney's Rules:
The questions you must answer are as follows:

  • Where is the butler's key?
  • What is the murder weapon?
  • Where is the victim's dossier?
  • Who is the killer?
  • How do you access the secret passage?
  • Where did the murder take place?
  • Where is the safe, and how is it opened?
  • What was the motive for the murder?

Many of the available clues are red herrings. There is a logical, physical or thematic link between puzzle-parts that go together - you will not be able to simply pair a cipher with a decoder!
All of the clues are in my blog, "The Game is Afoot - Season 2". More rooms will open up on the day following questions 1, 3, 5, and 7 being answered. You CAN NOT answer all the questions until the final room is unlocked!
The game will be concluded at the end of the 24 hour period after the one where someone solves all eight questions. In other words, you get one day to try to catch up! I will tell you when this happens.
This is the master thread! Post here with any questions, and sign up!


This round, you don't get a weapon list! Oooooh!



Host: Sweeney
















Please post or PM me to donate.



Random r99 Item, donated by Bones



Royal Paint Brush, donated by Nymh



Credit @Swar

Credit @Swar

What's your favourite "Make a list guys" thread from the past year?

23 July 2017 - 06:40 PM

C'mon, what the hell happened to General Chat? I leave you guys alone for a few years and the best you can come up with these days is "Show me your knees" and "What's your favourite weird smell"?


Good grief.