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Sweenymh: A Documentary > My 5 year old has mastered life

Posted 27 May 2015

My daughters are Alanna (6) and Makenna (5). Last night, Joe was cooking dinner. We gave the girls the choice of what vegetable we had. Their choices were green beans, peas or corn. Alanna: Green beans
Makenna: Corn  Me: Ok, you guys are going to have to agree on one. Green beans or corn?  Alanna: Green beans
Makenna: Corn  Me:...

Sweenymh: A Documentary > Gamer Problems

Posted 11 October 2014

So... WoD is coming up soon, and I really want to play WoW right now. I don't have my legendary cape yet. I know it will be obsolete with the new gear coming out, but I feel like it will be that much harder to get my new gear if I don't have my ilvl high enough. It's 529 right now.

Mah gear: http://www.askmrrobo...htbringer/jenea


Nymh's a LOSER! > Doing great!

Posted 23 September 2014

It's probably all in my head but I am doing GREAT on the keto diet. I fondly call it "ketology" in my head. Instead of ketosis I usually end up saying "ketolysis" in my head, too.


So after day three I can say that I am:

A lot less hungry
A lot less bitchy
A lot less tired
About three pounds lighter

I am loving this s...

Nymh's a LOSER! > Changing my Diet

Posted 21 September 2014

So I've decided that this low fat, high carb mostly vegetarian lifestyle isn't working for me. I think I have too much going on in my body for me to work well with so many carbs. I've been eating 1400-1600 calories a day (sometimes less) and exercising as regularly as I can manage while being pretty depressed and constantly exhausted. It's not working. I...

Nymh's a LOSER! > Running

Posted 06 July 2014

Now that we're settled into our groove here in Nashville, I have begun running again. I jogged two miles this morning and 2.6 this evening. I know I'm going to be sore but it's SOOO GOOOOD.

I need to decide on a new half marathon to register for now that we are in Tennessee. Luckily the Nashville area hosts tons of races so they're not in short supply...