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Today, 03:00 PM

I'll update my post when they make it available to us peasants below level 30  :mystic:

Haha, it's been updated to 20 actually! I'm only at level 25 so I feel you on that wait, girl




Also omg I forgot to share my own info wow


Friend Code: 4360 5942 6640
Team: Mystic  :mystic:
Region: North America
Trading: I have some random regional Pokés from traveling and a shit-ton of water types, as well as plenty of others on the rarer side. Not many high-IVs but if you're looking to boost your Pokédex count, I'm your girl
Seeking: High-IV or rare water types!! Alolans - especially the new ones (& the freshly returned Exeggutor pls god)!! Also, whenever I get enough stardust, legendaries bc I haven't played much PokéGo this last year until recently and completely missed out on raiding

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19 June 2018 - 09:22 PM

Popped back into Codex and was reminded of this thread of sunshine. My favorite internet contribution