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#2026878 Customization Contest #56 Winners

Posted by Shannon on 21 August 2018 - 11:25 AM

Congrats @Shannon we are both winners! I like your entry as well. makes me giggle.

Aw thank you - congratulations to you too! I decided to recreate the ~infamous scene~ but I love what you did too!

#2026822 [Results] Photographica #17: Sky

Posted by Shannon on 17 August 2018 - 11:47 AM

Photographica #17



Thank you to everyone who voted! Now, for the results...



First place goes to Romy with their beautiful boardwalk photo.


For winning the contest, Romy will receive first pick of the prizes,

the honor of hosting the next Photographica,

and this nifty Photogaphica award!


(Please comment your choice of prize below, then DM your donor to get your prize!)





Second place goes to Eefi for their dazzling starry night photo.



Once the first place winner chooses their prize, please contact your prize's donor to get your gift!




Honorable Mentions

Cheers to our other entrants, who submitted the wonderful photos below!





Random r99 donated by me

500k Neopoints donated by Bones

#2026701 Would you have a kid with your friend?

Posted by Shannon on 09 August 2018 - 07:11 AM

That said, I'd definitely have a baby with @Shannon HMU


You rang, baby mama?


Which one of us has to carry the kids? Or is this gonna be our first fight

#2026637 Hi

Posted by Shannon on 07 August 2018 - 10:00 AM

And I’m dating a soundcloud rapper who’s poor but he has a good heart and even better dick


That's what I'm fuckin talking about, yesssss


But really Mishelle I missed seeing you here so much! Even though we're friends on everything you are my fav, please don't leave us again  :hug:


Also we really need more Cardi gifs on this site, just sayin

#2026524 I am me AMA

Posted by Shannon on 31 July 2018 - 06:21 PM

Going back to Coops question, I think I'm a nice person, but many people have said here that when they first joined I was intimidating. I have no idea why.


It's funny that you mention this, because I was intimidated by you when I joined, years later, and I don't know why either. I don't know what I was thinking, really, because now you seem perfectly amiable.


Question: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

#2026417 [WINNER] Photographica #16

Posted by Shannon on 26 July 2018 - 08:39 AM

Thank you so much to you all! I loved all the entries, so I'm honored to have won. And to anyone interested in film photography, give it a shot!! (No pun intended.) I borrowed a camera from my university and went on an adventure, and the shots were so worth the worries I had about ruining the equipment haha. And thanks to Coops for running this contest! You're the best

#2026312 Welcome back to our newest Private member!

Posted by Shannon on 22 July 2018 - 04:24 PM

D'awww I'm so happy!! Thank you all for voting me back in - I hope I can do you proud. Much much love  :hug:

#2026274 Uncomfortable Truths

Posted by Shannon on 19 July 2018 - 12:44 PM

I cry too easily, to the point where it's unprofessional and embarrassing.

#2026106 Sleeping with a married person

Posted by Shannon on 12 July 2018 - 02:57 PM

I think that’s where it gets me though. People who don’t give a shit about the person that they don’t know. It makes me sad to think how often people do bad things because they don’t care about anyone they haven’t met.

Honestly I think most of the world’s evils happen because of that.


This this this. I really can't fathom thinking it's okay to fuck over someone else's life because it doesn't concern yours. Sorry not sorry to anyone who feels differently in this thread, but I think anyone who does so is a self-serving ass.

#2025826 Life Apps

Posted by Shannon on 06 July 2018 - 08:55 AM

Just started using a handy little app called Devoir. It helps keep your household chores in order, reminding you to do them in whatever length of intervals you’d like. For instance, I have a reminder to vaccuum my floor set to notify me every seven days. Super helpful and it’s actually helped me stay on top of things since it’s so satisfying to check things off my list. There are ads, but they’re a fairly small banner at the bottom of your screen and if they annoy you enough, they only cost $0.99 to remove.

#2025483 Ye - Kanye West

Posted by Shannon on 26 June 2018 - 07:37 PM

I cry every damn time I listen to Ghost Town. I'm not bipolar but that need to escape all the emptiness and darkness in life has been all too familiar. Kanye has really pissed me off lately but I genuinely liked this album and Kids See Ghosts. There's definitely some great messages in these songs and I hope he starts putting them to better use in his own life.

#2025478 Life Apps

Posted by Shannon on 26 June 2018 - 07:13 PM

Not really for organization but Buycott - I just heard about this one the other day. You choose which causes you're interested in. When you go to buy things, you can scan the barcode and see if the product/company conflicts with these causes. Then, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to buy it or find a substitute. 

Wow I love this concept a lot! I'll definitely be using it, but wow are these informed decisions going to be hard. Companies like Nestle already rule so goddamn much of the food world

#2025426 Trying to quit smoking

Posted by Shannon on 25 June 2018 - 07:08 PM

Not sure if quitting the Juul/Suorin Drop counts, but I guess nicotine is evil in many forms. I used to be so fucking obnoxious about it - think immature high schooler juuling while their professor's head is turned. Finally, it hit me one day (after many many months of constant use) how much money I was putting into such a useless, physically detrimental habit and pretty much quit cold turkey. Now, I nearly gag when I take up an offer of a vape hit lmao. Glad I kicked the habit but my wallet is even more glad.


Kudos to everyone in here who quit their vices, as well. It's tricky, but very very worth it


Edit: Just found this snap from finals season last December. rip


#2025311 Pokémon Go FAQ, Help, & Showing off your Catches!

Posted by Shannon on 22 June 2018 - 09:59 PM

Digging up this thread to show off my freshly caught Alolan Rattata. My first Alolan and snagged it less than 45 mins after release, too  :flex:


#2025308 Gardening

Posted by Shannon on 22 June 2018 - 07:09 PM

I've been trying my hand at gardening lately, so I'm glad this thread exists! Right now I'm growing basil, chives, tomatoes, red peppers, limes, and mandarin oranges, but I hope to invest in some more planters and seeds soon. We have a massive deer population in our neighborhood that wil eat just about anything, so I have to fit everything within our backyard fence. I also bought a mandevilla plant in early May, and after some pruning a couple weeks ago, it's blooming beautifully. It's actually getting quite big, so I'll have to figure out a plan for when the cold season comes. I'll try and take a few pictures soon!