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Codex Rumble Arena > Codex Rumble Arena Warlords

Posted 13 June 2013

Our combatants have bled, sweat, and cried over these last few weeks but nothing could have prepared them for the force they've awakened. The might Warlords have started to rise from their slumber. The greatest of all warriors spread across time and space shall converge on the Battle Nexus to bring...

Codex Rumble Arena > Codex Rumble Arena Characters

Posted 21 May 2013

Codex Rumble Arena Characters    Time to meet the lineup, here are the characters thus far. (This blog post will be updated as more characters are added)Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama)http://i.picresize.c...05/21/Yk6lc.jpg Humanoid Crab, AquaticDr. Zoidberg has the ability to breathe under water and can also make the sometimes deadly Whoop Whoop Whoop...

Quitting Smoking... > Quitting Smoking pt. 5

Posted 20 May 2013

Today was the easiest day by far since I've quit. Getting all that 'gotta keep busy, gotta stay focused' yesterday helped tremendously.Thanks for the support I've been receiving... I know I can be an annoying twat sometimes thanks for bearing with me.I had a piece of gum earlier just to curb my cravings, I ate less today, and was much calmer than normal....

Quitting Smoking... > Quitting Smoking pt. 4

Posted 19 May 2013

Well...I'm having a much harder time today keeping myself distracted. I did make it through the entire day without a piece of gum nor a patch. I got a ton of work done and broke 100 posts on here for the first time ever.http://i.imgur.com/z74Mlqr.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/z74Mlqr.jpg I'm still having trouble sleeping, I'm still not eating enough to compensate...

Quitting Smoking... > Quitting Smoking pt. 3

Posted 18 May 2013

So... today I only had one piece of gum. I was a dick all day and everyone was saying I was being mean.I want a cigarette so bad. I can smell and taste them as though I just smoked one. That's how badly I'm craving one.My taste is starting to improve which is cool. I had a pretty strong sense of taste before so hopefully it will only get better from here...