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Help! First time building a desktop

26 June 2015 - 01:39 PM

Uhh... so this is the first time we (my brother and I) are building a computer and we were told by the parents that we had to do it for under $500. Our old desktop is a pre-built that we brought at some Staples and we were trying to salvage it for parts.


You can sort of see where this is going...


So right now the crux of the problem is that we need to the old operating system (Windows Vista) that we were going to re-use on the new computer is tied to our OLD motherboard (you know how corporations work... sigh). So right now we need a cheap OS key and fast.


So the question becomes: Do you guys know where can I find cheap windows OS keys?


We're already exceeded the $500 limit, but we can't get this computer to work without buying a new OS. So we can't spend too much. This is such a headache!