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#1949166 Guide: How to Not Look As Stupid As You Do

Posted by Kass on 19 March 2016 - 11:49 PM

I'll definitely attempt to follow your advice!


Don't necro please, especially if you're just going to spam :p

#1948379 [Spoiler] New Expansion for Hearthstone

Posted by Kass on 10 March 2016 - 04:40 PM

Found this thread on reddit, might be of some interest to you all. 




Also, a moderator's post follows: 


"PSA: I just received word from Blizzard clarifying that the Standard and Wild formats ARE NOT going live with next week's patch. The formats will only be added along with the release of the expansion, which,according to the post (which may or may not be accurate), is late April/early May.

Edit: To clarify, I do not know the release date for the expansion. Blizzard has yet to announce anything about it. If the link in the OP is accurate, then the expansion is indeed April/May. It could very well be earlier or later than that; we just have to wait until we get word from Blizzard. All that I know is that the Standard and Wild formats are releasing along with the expansion, not with the upcoming patch."

#1942999 Tell me something good that happened to you today.

Posted by Kass on 02 February 2016 - 08:09 AM

Almost lost my phone today.... So my dad sent me to the store cause everyone in the family has the flu (yeah that's my fault) and I'm the least sick and after I'm done shopping I put my phone on the top of my car so I can put groceries in the car (my stupid fucking iphone 6+ doesn't fit in my pocket). Me being a sick dumbass who can barely think straight drives away with the phone still on the car... I get home and can't find it, so I drive back to the store and when I am pulling into the parking lot I see my phone in the middle of the road with a guy in his truck backing up in the middle lane so he can go pick it up. So I fucking floor it into the parking lot, take up like 3 spaces and run like a maniac with my hands waving around in the air towards the guy. He almost drives off but thank God he takes a look towards my direction and drives into the parking lot. He asks me what both my backgrounds were and then asks for my passcode like 5 times (near the end I'm getting suspicious that he might just drive away because he knows my code now) but thank God he gave it back to me. He said he had done this like 4 times before, but I'm just thankful that he gave it back and that there was no damage done to the phone. Not a chance I can afford a $700 phone... (some nice guy at the apple store gave it to me for free)


So that's the end of my crazy ass sick story.

#1939535 Tell me something good that happened to you today.

Posted by Kass on 21 January 2016 - 01:36 AM

I was called a professional musician for the first time today... Made me so happy :)

#1936473 What do you think about elojob?

Posted by Kass on 09 January 2016 - 10:20 AM

I personally would never use the service since I like personal progression so much, but I think that it's not necessarily a bad thing.


It can negatively affect the community, but I think that those players that use the service that end up playing ranked again will just end up back where they started out because they don't deserve the rank that they got boosted to.


If they don't end up playing ranked again, then they will just have the rank for looks. I don't think it has too much of a negative impact, because in the end everyone is either unaffected by it or the buyer just goes down to the rank that they originally deserve to be at. 


Overall I think that it gives an opportunity to people like you who need the money, to be able to make money in a unique way that's probably also pretty fun. 

#1935493 Describe yourself as a food

Posted by Kass on 04 January 2016 - 09:21 PM

As title says. What food describes you? Are you a pineapple because you are tough and defensive on the outside, but sensitive and sweet on the inside?


I got asked this question at an interview and I never know what to say for this question so I thought I'd see what you all have to say ;P

#1935464 [Guide] How to increase post count WITHOUT spamming!

Posted by Kass on 04 January 2016 - 04:53 PM

It's going to take a while until i reach my 500th post =/


500 posts doesn't necessarily guarantee you adv+ membership, it's just a guideline :p It can take 1000 even if all you are doing is spamming. It just depends on the quality of the posts, not necessarily the quantity :) If you contribute a lot to the community, it can take less than 500! :D

#1935236 NeonMob

Posted by Kass on 03 January 2016 - 03:22 PM



First collection completed!!! Woohoo!!!

#1934963 The Codies - Winter 2015 Edition

Posted by Kass on 02 January 2016 - 03:49 AM

Friendliest Poster: @Rocket
Least Friendly Poster: @Kelvin
Most Helpful Poster: 
Best Newbie: @LollitaM (wins all the contests and is super friendly to everyone!)
Most Addicted: @UMR 

Best Avatar: @Waser Lave
Best Signature: @Chappy (Dear god it is so perfect. Their little fat floating faces lmao)

Best Staff Member: @Swarley (Extremely helpful, always friendly, can bring down the hammer when necessary)
Best Codex Couple: @Waser Lave and @Ali
Best User Comeback: @Icey Defeat
Most Missed: @Neoquest (I remember him from way back in the day. Doesn't post as often now :()
Best Thread: 
http://www.neocodex....s-butt-picture/ Seriously, just go through that thread lmao

Best Blogger: @Megazord

Most Funny: @Kelvin
Most Intelligent: @ortin
Best Programmer: @Valorous (I used valorsuite for a long while and it was amazing! Works very hard :) )
Best GFX Member: @Liesa

Next Mod: @Rocket (Seriously I thought you were a mod already??? lol)
Next Ban: @DonValentino 

Mr. Codex: @Strategist (Still see you helping out a bunch here, and it's been four years! :o)
Miss Codex: @Emily
Grumpy Old Person: @Kelvin
Wooden Spoon: @UMR (Glad to have you here UMR!)
The Golden Carrot: @Swarley


This was really hard to make. There's so many of you that are awesome! Lots of tough decisions...

#1934878 Free steam badge!

Posted by Kass on 01 January 2016 - 01:21 PM

This is really weird lol. Thanks and nice find!

#1934602 Neocodex Advent Calendar 2015

Posted by Kass on 31 December 2015 - 01:20 AM

Hey guys, I have some really bad news. My main account and one of the accounts (both Neopets) used for the Advent Calendar were iced. I don't know exactly what happened, it might've been something with the VPN and my latest internet issue, but I still think it's weird. Before this event I used to play with several different accounts in the same IP and nothing ever happened. I guess there's always a first time.


I'd like to really apologize, especially for @Adam, @iKate, @ninjaweeb, @jaredyne, @xcreamz and @Kord, because they won't be able to receive the prizes they were promised. To make up for it, I'll reroll the prizes left on the other accounts so they can at least have one item each, so there's a high chance of the Calendar being over.


Again, I'm really sorry for this, it's not how I wanted this event to end, and I really wish I could fix this. Unfortunately, my main account was affected, so I can't even add more prizes to the poll.


Sorry to hear about your accounts being frozen... If you need some np to start up again, just pm me and I'm more than happy to help you out with a couple mil or whatever you need.


I also can donate a couple prizes if you need some more to give out. They aren't all super high value but I do have some stuff that's been sitting in my sdb

#1934349 NeonMob

Posted by Kass on 29 December 2015 - 01:20 PM

I'll post some free pack links here in case anyone else is lazy like me lol :p


http://neon.mn/1QX30tf (Press Start)


http://neon.mn/1U2RGJY (Pixeljam Comics Vol. 1)


http://neon.mn/1RBXxrK (Cutie Treats)


http://neon.mn/1OhPhXx (Reflectometry)


http://neon.mn/21Nqa8V (Abstract Landscapes)


http://neon.mn/1O45HCs (The Hatchet League)


http://neon.mn/1QqWJG9 (Monster Hierarchy)


http://neon.mn/1Z3ObGC (Dangerous Lovelies)


http://neon.mn/1OUkjd1 (Gotham Masquerade)


http://neon.mn/1Ol1oTW (Dia de los Immuertos)


http://neon.mn/1Tz8Z5c (Running Water)


http://neon.mn/1lvzJcj (Portraits of the Future)


http://neon.mn/1mdj0uq (Alphabet Compendium of Foods)


http://neon.mn/1mg3BsV  (The Orphanage)


http://neon.mn/22oyKLH  (Lost Realms)


http://neon.mn/22oyj4b  (The Light)


http://neon.mn/1Zo1ySe  (Unicorn Empire)


http://neon.mn/1U0NuKA (Walter's Experiments)


http://neon.mn/1InXBcb (Care Bears: Classics)


http://neon.mn/1m6bgdQ (Pixeljam Comics Vol.1)   <--- This is another free pack for this series :D


http://neon.mn/1k5ehsT (Reflectometry) Same deal 


http://neon.mn/22546qA (Monster Heirarchy) You get the picture by now :p


http://neon.mn/1IHZlg6  (Gotham Masquerade)


http://neon.mn/1lUrrKJ  (Dangerous Lovelies)


http://neon.mn/1U5l6rv  (Portraits of the Future)


http://neon.mn/1NKdAgt  (Abstract Landscapes)


http://neon.mn/1QdkvVX  (Running Waters)


http://neon.mn/1IAsp9m  (Adventure)



They run out of these promo packs so grab em while they're available :p

#1933416 Tell me something bad that happened to you today.

Posted by Kass on 22 December 2015 - 07:29 PM

My sister wants me to meet her for dinner, I told her I had to run home first and put on my face (aka makeup because I rarely wear it work) after work, and I sent her a snapchat and she responds with "at least your sweater is cute." Thanks bitch.


Now she wants you to meet her for dinner (after you offered to cook for her like last week) and this is how she treats you?  <_<

#1932808 SOTW #120 - Good Santa or Bad Santa

Posted by Kass on 19 December 2015 - 10:30 AM

I'd appreciate that, thanks :)


Here are a couple guides I've looked at in the past to help me a bit. I use photoshop cs6 which you may not, but the tips in these can likely be used in other programs as well :) I really like the second one btw



#1932738 SOTW #120 - Good Santa or Bad Santa

Posted by Kass on 18 December 2015 - 10:45 PM

Didn't read contest rules, too much words lool but we just make a new sigg either good or bad, or just find or create a picture and then pm it, I don't understand 


(please excuse my lack of brain today, I'm still sick)


Yeah just make an original signature. You can use pictures you find online, but you need to edit them in some way and make it your own. I can give you some guides on signatures if that is what you are looking for.