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20 June 2018 - 04:17 AM

I read this as "Nature Pornography" which is honestly accurate.

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19 June 2018 - 01:45 PM

I use fitbit to track sleep (way too little) and to help remind me to be more active if possible; also fitbit is getting way deeper into the health realm. They are talking about tracking menstrual cycles (obviously as an opt in thing) and then correlating it with your sleep/diet/exercise. They have lots of other cool future health things in the works. I also used MyFitness pal for a while, since it is an incredibly easy way to track what you are eating. And I think everyone, no matter your current weight or future goals, should track food for a while, just to understand better and be more cognizant of what you are eating. I use the calendar app, but not for most events. I like to put in when a friend gets married or something, and set a yearly reminder so I can wish them a happy anniversary. But for normal things I prefer using a physical planner.

Yeah I did that with MFP. I tracked what I ate for a couple months and have been able to make a diet that fits my specific health needs. Now I just use MFP to track my weight since it has my weight in it from over the last couple years. I agree it's really easy to use and also agree everyone should track once for at least a couple weeks to see what their general eating habits are.

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19 June 2018 - 01:00 AM

I mostly browse r/cats, r/wholesomememes, r/EarthPorn, and r/aww

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19 June 2018 - 12:55 AM

*follows* I need whatever you guys use in my life.


Ummmmm I use the FitBit app for exercise, food, water, and sleep tracking. It also tracks heart rate but not blood pressure or glucose levels I think. I never explored it to see if it has an area for those.


I use a physical hourly planner to keep track of chores, things to do, bills to be paid, when I did laundry, etc. I have a weekly planner that I'm going to use to make short notes about each day because there isn't any space in the hourly planner for that. The ones I have are from Blue Sky and they are absolutely adorable. I got mini functional stickers off Etsy, and colour coding dots off Amazon, and I found that works for me. I tried with using the Memo on my phone, I tried using those To Do apps way back when I got my first iPod Touch. I would just forget to open the app, and it wouldn't send any reminders on the screen telling me to do stuff. The physical stuff that I can see on my desk/couch/bed/floor are easier to remember. Sorry that entire paragraph is not helpful :(


I started taking a set of supplements in hopes of helping with some stuff, but I never remember to take them. I'd love to know what you use to remind you to take medication.


I have used the alarm clock feature on my phone to remind me to do stuff, but I never got around to setting it up for meds. I could do that because it also shows a message on the screen for whatever the alarm is for.


The main thing about apps is that I completely forget about them. I need something that gets all up in my face.

I love the idea of using functional stickers for a physical planner. I do have a planner that I update once a month with all my doctors appointments (notes about what I need to ask my doc, times, dates, med refills, etc). I agree physical reminders are more in your face and when I was less bed bound than I've been this last month that worked for me somewhat. I definitely need something that gets up in my fucking face too lmao. I have a tendency to kind of forget. But I find the process of setting up apps, or planners, etc is cathartic and relaxing, so at least there's that. 


So I've tried a couple apps, but either I get caught up making reminders that are too granular and I get discouraged or distracted before full implementation. Also I get bored of projects easily, so...... *not helpful*


When it comes to larger reminders, I've recently started having success with a therapist and a note to self. Usually while recapping the week I'll remember things that I have to remember for the upcoming week. It gets immediately committed to a thick piece of fluorescent index card that pops visually and also stands out in my pocket, serving as a secondary reminder. This is probably the least cost effective solution you will ever receive unless you have great insurance... XD



Sounds like you need one of these physical reminders:


The index card is actually a great idea! I might do that and just keep them posted around my bed.

I avoid pill containers since I use controlled substances and I have to lug my meds around frequently to appointments (it's illegal to have controlled substances out of their original prescription bottles - and you can lose pain management over it). One of the things I did get that does help with at least keeping track of when I last took my pain meds is a press timer that is attached to the lid of my pill bottle. It just is timer that resets whenever you open the bottle again. I think it was like $5 off Amazon or something. I wanna get a couple more for the meds I only take a couple times a week (those are the ones I end up forgetting).


For big things like work, holidays, planned dinners etc we use the Calendar app so we're both synced with each other's schedules. That helps a ton, and also a backup physical calendar on the fridge. The fridge calendar we sometimes use for meals if I mange to get any meal planning done.


I can't use any other apps for life related to do lists.. it's never seemed to work for me. I'm the same as @Ladida I think, I forget to look at my phone and the list in the first place! I mostly use a bullet journal to keep track of things that need doing and minor events that would normally slip my mind. I think writing it down helps me remember so much better. I like that the bujo is customisable and I can make my own pages and layouts to help me remember or track stuff.


Chores get done when I see them or when I think about it.. all the important stuff like dishes and laundry get done every other day but cleaning is the one that is just random whenever I get time or the itch to clean. Maybe an app would help me remember what needs doing lol.


I do use Fitbit for my step and sleep tracking, I have an Alta that I wear all the time. Although I haven't really looked at the data for ages.. We also have one of those nice digital scales that sync with the Fitbit app to keep track of our weight. 

You should post pics of your journals if you're comfortable! They really are like works of art haha. 

I have an Alta I used for my heart rate, but then I stopped and now I just use a pulse ox and take pictures of my measurements for my doc lol. I should really charge that thing and put it back on tho because it was great for tracking how much I was walking and stuff.


I use the webmd app for meds. It sends me an alert whenever it's time to take one and tells me which one to take. Then you go check it off when you do it.

Oh yeah you told me about that one like... forever ago. I think I installed it and didn't like the interface because it loaded so slow. I'll have to check it out again.


I much prefer physical reminders like pen and paper lists/calendars for reminders. I love the tactility of it, despite how oddly in contrast it is to my usual technological bent :)

Me too actually, but I keep losing my lists and stuff. lmao.

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19 June 2018 - 12:43 AM

I came here for pictures and was disappointed. :( @Kate @Jess y'all should post plant pictures! @Kat show off your succulents too!