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Fanged Rants About Things > Sh*tscram

Posted 24 December 2014

I don’t fucking get it.

I just feel like the way Erik’s mom is asking to help him sounds like she’s implying I shouldn’t be sitting on my ass. Also I don’t understand why the fuck the coffee table needs to be completely clear. Wtf. I cannot take another Christmas here.
I’m not evening sitting on my ass??? I’ve literally cleaned and picked up ALL of my s...

Fanged Rants About Things > More proof that in-laws aren't perfect (well, no one is, but y'know)

Posted 15 December 2014

I'm coming up on my 18th month since moving here to Maine.
I've lived with my bf's parentals for nearly that long.

They're great people for the most part. However, his dad is racist as FUCK, loud as FUCK, and super childish ( "lol i'm right ur wrong shut up"). His mom is just irrational, and they both believe ANYTHING on Facebook because they're Facebook...

Fanged Rants About Things > Feeling sort of... oppressed...

Posted 03 December 2014

Today I got into a really heated argument with my bf's parents about Ferguson, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, police brutality, etc. That whole business.

It sucked so bad because Erik's parents are rather... close-minded when it comes to society. Which is funny because they're those type of parents who are on Facebook 24/7 and believe EVERYTHING they see on Fac...

Fanged Rants About Things > Birthday Wishes

Posted 03 December 2014

This year is the one year where my birthday is/has basically taken me by surprise.
I'm usually good about knowing about my own birthday when it's coming up, but I've had several occurrences where someone has been like, "When's your birthday?" and I'll say "December 5th" and they'll be like, "so in, 1-2 weeks or so, right?" and every time I've just been, "...

Fanged Rants About Things > Black Friday Shopping Failures

Posted 28 November 2014

Went Black Friday shopping for the first time in my life.
I figured that places would be open around 6pm Turkey Day. 9pm: Me, bf, his mom head out to Walmart. Nope, closed with medium sized line outside.
Sit around in car contemplating what to do, googling open places. Walmart at 12:01am, Kohl's -says- 7pm, Target 12:01am. Drive up to Kohl's, closed.