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I love you to Pieces > Restarted the plannah!!

Posted 04 June 2017

Aww yiss.  
Not too far from 90kg now.  
Finished the planner and then got sick, didn't go to gym for a week.  
Was good though to rest up properly. Restarted the gym and now have my best friend coming in with me when I go (he noticed changes and wanted to try for himself, hopefully he'll eat a bit healthier? xD) 
So been tryna do the...

I love you to Pieces > 5 days left?

Posted 14 May 2017

And so the last 5 days of my 60 day gym challenge is coming up starting tomorrow.  1 more full body and then 4 targeted sessions.  For some reason I'm definitely not as wrecked as I thought I would be.  I definitely feel sore but once I get into it I just push through it and find it rather enjoyable. Though restarting the challenge and goin...

I love you to Pieces > 8th to the 19th...

Posted 07 May 2017

So during the 50 days I've had the print outs for the 60 Day Gym Challenge planner from ASN a Gym buddy handed me I never once took the time to actually look through them. I just learnt from them as I went..  The last 2 pages consist of a 4 day no rest period which I complete today (tonight.. since its 2:47 am so technically it'll be tomorrow but w/e...

I love you to Pieces > Just a copy paste from tonight's terribly unusual Facebook status...

Posted 05 May 2017

(I posted this just now on facebook to my fb friends, family etc, so its a bit diff to what you'd think i'd just post here as part of my shitty blog(s) haha)


I am almost certain anyone who knows me in person knows I have had a lot of weight issues for probably the majority of my life.  

I've been 150...

I love you to Pieces > Entry 1? (again) - A quick intro?

Posted 02 May 2017

Hey all,  So my name is Brendan. My forum Alias here is Maha so feel free to call me whatever.  25 this year, birthday on the 9th of July. Been around Codex longer than my account creation date says. Red hair. Probably pretty f***in' ugly. Pale skin. Blue eyes. About 171cm Tall. I live in Queensland, Australia. I drive a 07' Ford Falcon. I live...