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syaopup's Packrat buyer

13 April 2012 - 08:36 PM

Main features:
- Import item list from text file
- Checks SDB for amount of different items and items already owned
- Buys just enough to reach 1000 items in SDB
- Deposits items whenever inventory is full
- If option to check SDB isn’t chosen, it’ll just buy everything on the list
- Waits for shop wiz ban to be over before continuing*

*For shop wiz ban, I wasn’t able to test it out myself but it should work, theoretically. Bought over 300 items in one hour and hit 1000 items before I was banned. :/
It's scripted in VC# so.... sorry non windows users. :x

Attached File  Packrat buyer.zip   46.97KB   406 downloads
Posted Image

- If you choose to use a proxy, only login after testing it to make sure the program registered it and that it is working.
- Import a list of 1000 cheap items. You can find Neocodex’s here, or you can use the one included in the zip file. (Note: The item 'Misdirected Sign Post' should be named 'The Way to Adventure Sign Post', the itemdb needs to be updated.)
- Make sure you have at least 15,000np on hand before starting (30,000np to be safe), as the program will stop if you run out of np.
- Check the checkbox if you want to check through your SDB for the number of different items you have and already own, and the program will only buy just enough items that you don’t have to hit 1000 items in the SDB.
- The program won’t visit the SDB and get the avatar for you. Figured that some of you might want to take a screenshot or see it for yourself.
- If you want to stop the program, close it. I may or may not implement a pause/stop feature in the future. :p

While testing with a delay setting of 1000ms - 2500ms, it took about an average of 7-10 seconds for each item to be bought. That means the estimated time needed to buy 1000 items is 2hrs 20min+, assuming no shop wiz ban. I did not use any proxy, but I live in Asia so I don’t know how much that affects loading speed.

If security of accounts is an issue, I wouldn’t mind zipping up the source code and have someone check through it.

Lessons learned coding this (ignore unless you are interested in reading the thoughts of a newb programmer and her experiences. :p)

Special thanks to
Inkheart for showing me the way of the Regex, and
Adam and his unfinished packrat grabber script, it showed me a rough idea of how to go about implementing it. :)

'Wtf am I watching?' videos

08 April 2012 - 07:22 AM

Slightly NSFW.

Does anyone else have any other mind fuck videos to share?

Subforum for members to post non official programs

02 April 2012 - 01:44 AM

So far, from what I've seen when someone shares their own programs, they either post it in
or maybe even
which makes it hard to keep track of them all.
Will it be a good idea for there to be a subforum for posts like these?

With rules that go something like
- this forum is for all non official programs made by members of Neocodex
- users should only post programs they've made, not programs from other forums
- as the programs are made by members, direct the questions to them, not Neocodex staff


Option to change User Agent in Program Manager

27 March 2012 - 06:57 PM

Just a heads up, I'm still in the process of learning how codes interact with the web, so I may be wrong on some of my assumptions.

I'm not sure what browser, etc info the programs send in their header, but will it look weird if you constantly change between browsers?
E.g. Someone usually uses Chrome to browse neopets, but when ABing, the program sends Firefox as the browser in use.

My suggestion will be to have an option in the settings (maybe under advanced so people who don't know what it does can ignore it) that allows us to input our own User Agent, using the one given here

That way when using Abrosia (or any other programs), the header is exactly the same as the one sent when using your browser.

syaopup's AB list maker for non advanced members

25 March 2012 - 07:11 PM

Based on this topic and this topic, just that it automates the process.

What it does: You give it an unformatted copy and paste text file, it gives you a properly formatted text file ready for use with AB.
Attached File  AB List Maker.zip   4.94KB   210 downloads
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The format it requires for each item
[item name]

The number of blank spaces in between each item does not matter.
Other than that, it is stupid and does not know if you are giving a txt file proper format, so it'll output garbage if you try to format other txt files that does not follow that format.
Done in Visual C#, which means you need the .net framework for it to work.

Be lenient on me, it's my first application published on the net, ever, and I'm self learning how to script. :) Do inform me if there's any bugs!