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In Topic: A yowling kadoatie says "Hi there I'm new, it's nice to meet you...

Today, 04:08 PM

Welcome to Neocodex :hi:

In Topic: anyone wanna help a old player start over

16 September 2018 - 10:28 AM

Moved to Neopets General. 

In Topic: Kaylune

11 September 2018 - 11:28 AM

@Swar When I tried to go on Kaylune because a friend wanted something from the game, the game wouldn't load. Is the game just temporarily down? Also, do you, @Kate, @Emily want anything from my account? I don't mind giving everything away. If I do play again, I prefer to start fresh anyway.

I wouldn't even know where to begin honestly, since the reboot I'm lost and struggling to maintain interest lol

Thanks for offering though, I might actually try to start over as well.

In Topic: Pokémon Go Updates / News

28 August 2018 - 05:43 AM

Niantic tweeted about the end of the Johto event =),  I think it correlate with the times for endings of Ho-Oh as well




So that gives us ~1 day to get some more gen 2's!

Ho-oh left gyms yesterday and Johto ends today so pretty close!
Ho-oh didn't leave but Regirock returned for some Legendary raids. Ho-oh was officially supposed to be available until the 27th according to the in-app news. :/ Weird.

Man I haven't played this in so long. I need to open it up and see what all has changed.


I also hadn't played in forever (Since 2016 at least) and now I'm addicted again.

In Topic: Hi

20 August 2018 - 11:11 AM

LOOOOOOOL I hope the latter is in jail. Don’t even tell me if I’m wrong, just let me dream.


Yeah, it's shrouded.

looool yerp