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Megazord's Blog > [Hearthstone] Quick update on my progression.

Posted 15 August 2016

So a small update so you guys know. (I know many of you don't care :lol:) ANYWAYS 1. I ended up crafting and cracking open a few notable cards... Edwin Van Cleef (crafted)
Al'Akir Windlord (pack)
Snake Pit (golden) (first) (pack)
Shadow Stalker (second) (crafted)
Blade of C'thun (first and second) (crafted) 2. Picked up Karazhan also,...

Megazord's Blog > [Hearthstone] My Best Cardpack Pack Yet!

Posted 24 June 2016

So it took me 7 games to finally win this week's Tavern Brawl. I ended up getting an amazing pack.
I didn't have the Legendary card either, so what a bonus!
I'll definitely keep the golden version.  One Golden Legendary
One Golden Rare
One Epic
One Rare
One Common

Dust Value: 1825!  https://hydra-media....stone.gamepe...

Megazord's Blog > Current Ladder Deck (Wild): Tempo Raptor Rogue

Posted 16 June 2016

http://i.imgur.com/hgX0j7q.png  Original deck: http://www.icy-veins...rogue-wild-deck  I ended up swapping out a few cards...
Loatheb for Shadowcaster
Big Game Hunter for Tomb Pillager
Loot Hoarders for Undercity Hucksters

Megazord's Blog > Rest Easy, Jeff.

Posted 11 May 2016

Alright, so as I said the other day I would make a blog post about what happened this week. So, this week was our Annual Leave week from work. Christa and I were planning on relaxing and possibly going somewhere. We ended up going to Spokane for a few days, we usually dread it, but there was a family emergency going on. Her step father, my fathe...

Megazord's Blog > Hearthstone: My Current Account Stats V1.1

Posted 25 March 2016


http://www.antifaro....913/turnips.png  http://www.antifaro....30913/druid.png http://www.antifaro....0913/shaman.png http://www.antifaro....30913/rogue.png
http://www.antifaro....930913/mage.png http://www.antifaro.com/thum...