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#2006710 Semi-not-so-legit way for easy Wingoball trophy.

Posted by DarKside on 04 May 2017 - 09:51 AM

Did not any suggestions on this so I figured I would help with getting easy trophy. (And easy games afterwards for fairly quick np).


As we know, two things are needed to pass a level in Wingo-Ball. Placement, and timing. You can play a lot to learn when and where to throw it.


Or, if you are like me and mess up at some point, you can just worry about the timing. The goal of this guide is to take out the guessing on where to shoot. For timing, you are on your own although there are several guides out there and once you get the placement set up, you can focus on timing and easily get used to it. (I also have a video below to give you and idea if you need to see.)


Now the (technically) not legit part:


To take the guessing portion of the game away, use a program to make the game window transparent. I used Peek Through to accomplish this. (Easy enough to set up. My transparency was at 2nd position from the right).


Then, have another window that has all the placements for the levels behind the game window. (paint with dots for each level will suffice). Turn the game window transparent with your shortcut and play. In the end, the game should go and look (something) like this:



Of course, I did mess up a little in there, but that score was still enough for the gold this month. Similar effort with no mess ups would yield above 1320 easy (Most of my trials ended with 1300+ easily.) Also the game goes by fairly quickly for easy np once you get used to the timing.


Making this "map" is easy enough but may take some time. Just make sure the paint canvas is big enough behind the game. Each time you succeed, place the dot and the number next to the dot and continue until you get through all the levels. That will get you your personal map.


Or, if you are super lazy, I did attach the one that I used. 


The first one may require a few adjustments assuming it fits in the right place. (My resolution is 1920x1080 on my monitor so not sure if it will work well).


The second one is cropped so if you match the top left of the canvas to the game's top left in its default size, it should get the placement to where it should work. 


Quick notes (for my map):

Level 14's dot overlaps with 4 on there. I got used to it (easy enough level and im lazy to fix it) so just note it and you should be fine.

level 22 is not there on the map. I had trouble getting through that every time so i adjusted accordingly. (Right after when i shoot in the vid, they clear on the top side for easier completion)

for levels 23 and 24's click slightly to the right side of the dots rather in the center.


I do suggest adjusting the "map" so that the locations are ideal by just opening the paint and game window without having to adjust every time you want to play. Makes it a lot easier in the long run.


If I am not mistaken, this should not cause any icing so, good luck getting the trophy.

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