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GMC is back

22 November 2016 - 12:06 PM


Yep. It's that time of the year again. Is anyone out there even a bit excited about this? :p
Let's use this thread to post the team's daily games and respective prizes, AoB codes and/or SS Lists. :)

Homepage of the GMC is here.

The FAQ is here.


When you join a team, you get:
Staff of Justice for Team Heroes
Face of Evil for Team Villains

Day 1 (November 22nd & 23rd):


Neo-Mania Contest #8 - RESULTS!

07 September 2016 - 07:39 AM

Neo-Mania Contest! - RESULTS

Neo-Mania Contest #8!
Crossword Puzzle


The first contestant sending the complete right answer was @Susie!

Congratulations, you already have the award but you can PM me to get your NP prize.


(donated by me)


The second and third place goes to @Pryanka and @Trapezeo, respectively!

For being the other contestants to complete this puzzle, both of you will get a surprise prize.

PM me for details.


A shout out to @Hikimaru for trying it!

PM me to get a surprise prize too.


Thank you everyone. You were all amazing.
Keep your eyes peeled, there will be more Neo-Mania Contests soooon! :p

Mother Teresa canonisation

04 September 2016 - 06:30 AM


To anyone unaware of this, Mother Teresa was canonised today by Pope Francis. 
For some religious people this women is a Saint, dedicated her life to help the poor, sick and dying through the congregation she founded in 1950 Missions of Charity. According to her Wikipedia page "By 1996, Mother Teresa was operating 517 missions in more than 100 countries."
But to anyone that dig into her life more may find some discrepancies in her vision of how the poor, sick and dying should be helped. Despite the fact that her Missions of Charity received monetary donations from all over the world to help its cause, it's a known fact that Teresa systematically refused giving treatment to the ones in need, and food to the ones starving, as well as perpetuating the poor conditions in the charity houses for the dying ones, stating that suffer must be taken as a gift of God.
On the other hand, when she found herself suffering from her second heart attack in 1998, she received a pacemaker. In 1996, after the failure of the left ventricle, she had another heart surgery. Not practicing what she preach about accepting the suffering and going as far as being hypocrite for seeking treatment for her conditions when she was refusing basic health care to the "poorest of the poor".

She's also well known for the miracles she, allegedly, preformed after her death.
The first one was on a woman from Bengal. One year after Teresa's death, Monica Besra was living in a charity house from the Missions of Charity, for being a sick women suffering from an abdominal tumour. But she was miraculously cured when, after feeling "a beam of light emanating from a photo of Teresa" the sisters from the congregation put a locket with Teresa's pic over Monica's waste and prayed. The morning after, Monica was tumour free.
However, medical staff that had been treating Monica for almost a year was firm in their statements saying she was not suffering from a tumour but a cyst, and the medication she was taking was the cause for the cure.
"Besra's medical records contain sonograms, prescriptions, and physicians' notes: Besra has claimed that Sister Betta of the Missionaries of Charity is withholding them. The officials at the Balurghat Hospital where Besra was seeking medical treatment have claimed that they are being pressured by the Catholic order to declare the cure a miracle."
The second miracle occurred in 2008, when Marcilio Andrino, a man from Brasil suffering from multiple brain tumours was declared cured when the doctors noticing his tumours receding, after Marcilio and his wife prayed to Teresa.
Unfortunately there's not much about this case (or I didn't search for the right key words lol), but in some websites we're told that it were multiple tumours, in some others it was a (non identified) brain infection that was treated with antibiotics. As usual, with things related to miracles, the truth is not always clear.
So, I want to read your opinions about this, whether you are Christian or not. Do you believe Teresa was a good person and did what she could with what she was given or, do you believe it was one of the best Catholic marketing stunts of the 20th century?



It goes without saying, but please, be civil and respectful of others' opinions. :p

Neo-Mania Contest #8!

03 September 2016 - 08:28 AM

Neo-Mania Contest!


You think you know everything about Neopets?
You think you can master the most insane, random and tough competition of them all?
Then, this is the contest for you!

1) Do not use any bot/program to help you, this will count as an unfair advantage and you will be disqualified. I guess this one doesn't really apply for this round uh :p
2) Do not post the answer on this thread, nor share it with anyone else, or you will be disqualified.
3) PM me your answer with the title "Neo-Mania Contest #8".
4) You have 48 hours to send me your answer. You can change your answer within the 48 hours limit period, but do it by editing your first PM, please.
5) First contestant answering correctly gets a spiffy award and other prizes if available!
6) Have fun!

Neo-Mania Contest #8!
Crossword Puzzle


4. I've always wondered: can a cyclops swim? And how many lives does a cyclops have?
8. You want to be pink and have wings. Who's stopping you?
9. And when the Summer is gone, you wish you could carry a beach with you even if you live in a snow covered land.
10. Not quite a king but not plebeian either.
11. If anyone set this one on fire in front of your house, you can actually thank them.
13. Did anyone ever tell you to sail the sky? Don't let your dreams be dreams!
14. He welcomes you with good food and the pleasure of his presence, but, whatever you do, don't fall for his "Humour me!" requests...
15. When Neopets teach you something they ban their players for.
16. Its official day it's on September 20th, but the beings behind this are known to do whatever they want when they want, specially during spring.
17. *CACKLE* you will never figure it out.
18. Insomnia? Counting sheep is so '90s...

1. If you can't grow a moustache, there's a place where you can get one for free.
2. Once upon a time... there was this place where you could eat popsicles year-round.
3. If you foster one, it will love you forever. But if you try to abandon it, it will be forever lost... in the pixelized network of eternity. Or something.
5. You could say this is almost a sibling stampede... Almost.
6. Mira que guapa! Con sus... pantalones de cielo estrellado?! Idk, man...
7. Only the best of the best of the best can have the luck of making a reservation here. You're not one of them. Huehue.
12. Indulge your chocolate needs in a vegetable form.


9. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ M _

1. G _ _ _ _ _ W _ _ _ _ _ _ E

2. _ _ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. _ _ _ _ _ _

4. _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ M E O W _ _ _ _ _

5. _ _ _ V S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S_ _ _ M _

6. S _ _ _ _ F _ _ _ _ _

7. K _ _ _ R _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ T

8. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A I N T _ _ _ _ _

9. K _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ G L O _ _

10. _ _ R _ K _ _ _ 

11. _ _ A R R Y _ _ _ _ _ _ D _ _ G

12. C _ _ K _ _ O

13. _ _ _ U _ B _ _ _

14. K _ _ _ S _ _ _ _

15. _ _ _ A _

16. F _ _ R _ _ F _ _ T _ _ _ L

17. E _ _ _ A V A _ _ _

18. _ X _ _ _ M _ P _ _ _ T _ C _ _ NT _ _

Entries due:

September 6th, 11:59 pm NST

2 M NP
(donated by me)
Good luck everyone!

Codex Assassination Game #4

26 July 2016 - 11:37 AM


Free the killer in you!

Sign-ups start: NOW
Sign-ups end: 2nd August 8:00 AM NST

I don't want to die without any scars. ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


In this game, you must kill your fellow forum-members by posting. There is a set list of candidates - so you'll have to explicitly join - who all get the username of a member PM'ed when the games begin. The username you receive is your target.

To kill a target, you must:
  • post directly after them
  • there can be no posts of other alive participants after their posts for 30 minutes
  • your assassination attempt cannot be a reply to a post made before the start of the game
When 30 minutes have passed, and there were no posts after your own, you must PM your victim and me in the CC. When I confirm the kill, you have successfully assassinated your target. Your target must then give you the name of their target.




Additional rules
In this game you can't be a camper. Don't go hiding and not post anything.

  • You must post at least twice everyday in a non-hidden forum
  • If you fail to post twice within 24 hours, you are eliminated. Your killer will receive your target.
  • You cannot tell people you're already dead or alive
  • If you kill your target with a gif related to that user, you get a bonus point.
  • Every PM you send in regards to killing must include me, the gamemaster, as a CC.
  • This topic is a safehaven
  • You cannot prevent your own murder by posting after your killer!
Everyday I will post an update with how many kills have already been made (not who have been killed, for that remains a secret).

After 2 weeks or whenever everyone except one assassin is dead, the game ends. The kills will then be revealed along with the winner(s)! If there are multiple survivor, the assassin with the most kills is the winner.
















Please post or PM to donate
2M NP for 1st place, donated by me.

1M NP for 2nd place, donated by me.

500k NP for third place, donated by me.

750k NP donated by Junjie.

Baby PB donated by Junjie.

Assassination game winner  
Credits to Fikri

Assassination game participant 
Credits to Fikri