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#1592687 [Altador Cup Guide] Ranking up the easy legit way.

Posted by stubbie on 05 June 2012 - 04:03 AM

I am like many of you afraid to get frozen if I use the AoB speeding hack, so I discovered a pretty cool trick to use that will help me rank up fast. Best part about it? It's 100% legit.

Here's what you should do, first score 3-4 goals in the first few seconds. This should be easy to do, the computer's normally a slow and easy opponent during the first couple of goals.
Attached File  score.png   41.7KB   29 downloads

Now you have one of two options:

-Drop the ball in your goalkeeper's area but make sure that your goalie does not pick it up. The computer will keep circling around the ball but never really pick it up, this way you can just leave the game running and go do whatever you wanna do till the timer runs out.
Attached File  goalie.png   102.27KB   27 downloads

-The second option is to simply leave the game running till the timer runs out. The computer usually scores a maximum of 2 goals (3 if you are unlucky), so you still win.

True this is no scoresending or "speeding" but it makes it easier to multitask while playing Yooyuball since you technically play for only a minute, this way the Altador won't steal your full attention. I hope this helped~

#1591724 what do you think will retire?

Posted by stubbie on 02 June 2012 - 03:57 AM

Well I hope it's not the baby paintbrush it's one of the most useful around

#1590248 [Guide] A Newbie's guide to making a Score Sender list and avoiding the r...

Posted by stubbie on 28 May 2012 - 02:18 PM

First: you'll need the following:

Second: How your list should look like:
This section will explain the basics and what a list is composed of, normally a list would look like this:
Attached File  list.png   5.5KB   341 downloads
So what does everything mean? Simple:
  • Game ID: this is normally found in the game page's URL, it is the last 3-4 digits Attached File  GAME ID.png   309.88KB   409 downloads
  • Score: this is the range of acceptable scores you're score sender is allowed to send, most senders accept ranges however if yours do not just put in a discrete value. Choosing your score value will be discussed later on this guide.
  • Time: like the score this is the range of time your sender is allowed to wait till it sends the game's score, if yours does not accept ranges just put a discrete value. These times are recorded in seconds. Choosing your time will also be discussed later on this guide.
  • Mod: this is the multiplies of which the game's score can be, so if a game is a mod 10 that means you can only score (10, 20, 30, 40, etc...) on it, a score of 42 would be impossible and if you sumbit such a score it is as if you are asking for an instant freeze. Games of Mod:1 (Meaning you can send any score provided that it does not go over the review score) don't have the "Mod" section written next to them, most games on neopets are a Mod:1.
If you are too lazy to create your own list, a list generator can do all this for you, however there are a few points you need to pay attention to; score list generators can give you overly high scores that will get you instantly reviewed and frozen, same goes for Mods not all Mods are recorded into score list generators thus why you should always check the safe scores before sending (this will be discussed later on).

Third: Choose your games
Choose the easy games (Example: Turmac Roll) such that achieving a 1k score in it is not impossible, usually those are the games neopets users go for and play almost daily, making you appear normal and less suspicious. Most users know what games to choose, however if you do not here are a few ways to help you:

  • Find a "100k a day guide" (Example:Thedailyneopets.com). Those are normally addressed to non-cheating users thus why the scores in them are almost always achievable by the average user.
  • Choose from the "popular section" in the games room
  • Choose the games labeled "easy" or "medium" from the games section
Fourth: Choose your scores
Now that you know how to pick your games there are a few things you need to pay attention to when choosing your scores:
  • The review and maximum scores: some of the review scores are known and can be found throughout the forums, though unfortunately most lists are outdated so here is a way to try to keep yourself safe.
    - Choose a game, I chose Hasee Bounce for an example.
    - Go to your score list generator and see the score needed for a range of 700-1,000 Np. For Hasee Bounce it's
    Attached File  score list.png   2.94KB   473 downloads
    - Now check the game's high scores page
    - Check the minimum score needed to be on the high score list
    Attached File  min score.png   74.76KB   403 downloads
    - Now compare both scores. For 1K in Hasee Bounce you need to get a score of 353, which is relatively way below 495. So you're safe.
    - I normally keep a recognizable difference between the minimum score needed to reach the high score board and the one I submit, that difference depends on the game itself, for example if the game's scores is in the level of thousands I normally keep a 500-700 difference score, if it's in the level of hundreds I keep a 100-150 difference. Don't be greedy it might lead to your downfall, and be logical.
    - If your score sender does not accept ranges try to vary with your scores, sending all scores to get you an exact of 1K is suspicious, be satsfied with 800-900 Np it is not that much of a big difference. For example in Hasee Bounce send 335, 326, 350 instead of making sending all 353.
  • Score Mods: most mods are recorded into the list generators, however some are not thus why I'd recommend checking. There are two ways to figure out a game's mod, the simplest is playing the game, the second is checking the highscore table and seeing if there is a pattern. For example while checking Jubble Bubble's table you'd notice that all scores end in 0's or 5's then it must mean that this game is a Mod:5. Attached File  highscore mod table.png   128.36KB   265 downloads

    The most common mods are Mod:2, Mod:5 and Mod:10. NOTICE: Pay attention to Meerca chase, it's tricky for it is a Mod:18.
Fifth: Choosing your time
The most reilable way to choose your time, is to play the game and estimate how long it will take you to achieve the score you will sumbit. If you are lazy you can always just reach quarter/half of that score and multiply by 2/4 then choose an appriorate range accordingly, again if your score sender does not accept ranges vary with the times.

Now if you are really lazy, just ask your score list generator to do that job for you. Normally I'd set my times to 300-500 seconds (5-8 min) yes it does take some time but it keeps you safe. But again be logical some games like "Kass Basher" would take no more than 60-90 seconds to play, while some games like "Destruct-O-Match" would take a lot more. Finally, don't set all your games to the same range, vary with every few tens.

Finally: run the program
Now that you've chosen your games, your scores, your times, run the program and leave it to work it's magic.

I have nothing new to add here, I'll pretty much say the obvious in this section. You want your score sender to appear as human as possible, thus why I'll say this again vary your scores and times. Add new games to your list, take away some games, achieving a good score in a few hard games is acceptable but achieving those high scores in ALL of them will obviously look suspicious.
If your score sender supports a proxy, use it.
Don't leave your score sender running for ungodly hours, everyone needs sleep.

I hope that I have helped, thanks for reading.